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NOAH Certified Tiny Houses on Wheels

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NOAH Certified Tiny Houses on Wheels

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NOAH Certified Tiny Houses on Wheels

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What is NOAH?

A National Trade Association for builders, Manufacturers & DIY'ers, producing Tiny Houses on Wheels, suitable for permanent, full-time or part-time residential living.

Our desire is to unite the industry and to protect and serve:

  • Manufactures & Component Suppliers
  • Do-It-Yourselfers & Future Owners
  • Lenders & Insurers

The Noah Standard

The NOAH Standard incorporates safety & construction standards currently used by the Recreational Vehicle AND Home Building industries:

  • NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
  • NEC - National Electrical Code
  • NHTSA - National Highway & Transportation Safety Association

And, with particular attention to the unique demands of a Tiny House on Wheels by including:

  • ATHA - American Tiny House Association Construction Guidelines


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NOAH Inspection

NOAH inspects each Tiny House on Wheels at specific phases of construction for compliance to the NOAH Standard, utilizing a proprietary inspection system.

  • Trailer &  Attachment
  • Framing & All-Trades (electrical, plumbing & HVAC)
  • Insulation & Final

All elements of each inspection are archived & available for review in the future.

Certification Seal

Builders choosing self-regulation voluntarily submit to a series of third-party inspections on each build to obtain the Certification Seal.

NOAH Certification represents builder compliance with the NOAH Standard, which is a minimum requirement, although builders may choose to exceed these standards.


Truth & Transparency

NOAH Certification differentiates Tiny Houses on Wheels from other portable living environments as suitable for permanent, full-time or part-time residential living.

Manufacturers & Do-It-Yourselfers can build with integrity for the desired purpose of occupancy both now & the future.

Municipalities can have assurance EACH NOAH Certified Tiny House on Wheels has been inspected and meets the NOAH Standard.

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Everybody Wins!

The NOAH Standard & Certification present the opportunity for lenders & insurers to establish underwriting equivalence for value determinations specifically for Tiny Houses on Wheels.

Consumers buying & selling NOAH Certified Tiny Houses on Wheels have access to the Certification Seal-specific detailed inspection records maintained by NOAH.

NOAH Certification provides the unique distinction & credibility of a third-party inspection of EACH Tiny House on Wheels!

What Others Are Saying...

"The need for something like this is so huge!"

"I want my tiny home to be NOAH Certified."

"I am really excited that you are doing this!"

"Certification would go a long way..."

NOAH Membership Programs

We offer five different member programs to accommodate   builders, educators, suppliers & enthusiasts.  Membership has its privileges!

NOAH Community & Resources

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