- Tiny House Inspection and Certification

NOAH Core Values

Service: We exist to serve. Members, TH Industry, People.


  • 0 missed inspections
  • Direct customer contact
  • Respect for others
  • Attitude of gratitude


Evolving: We are evolving for improvement a little each day.


  • Try what makes sense
  • Risk, fail, evaluate, improve, implement again.


Collaboration: We promote a collaborative environment.


  • Open concept & share ideas
  • Transparent, save trade secrets
  • Utilize the vast resources available in TH community


Technology: We use the best cutting-edge technology available.


Currently we employ a livestream inspection process, utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide our members with innovative solutions.


Trust: Trusting each other.


  • You can trust me, to have your best interest at heart,
  • I can trust you, to have my best interest at heart,
  • Our members and Tiny Houser’s can trust NOAH to have their best interest at heart.


Enjoy: Enjoying the Journey


We look to inspire all NOAH team members to enjoy their position, in addition to growing professionally and contributing to the growth of the Tiny House movement.

NOAH Exists to Promote Freedom to Live