- Tiny House Inspection and Certification

DISCLAMER: If you do not schedule your inspection 24 hours in advance it is not guaranteed that an inspector will be available.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have recently updated our systems to automate our calendars to serve you even better.  Please let us know immediately by email or telephone if you experience any challenges or if you do not receive a confirmation of your inspection request.  Thank you!

Please review the section below for additional information on how to prepare for an efficient & successful inspection.

  • Immediately download the Free APP from your Google Play Store/Apple Store.  Please do this well in advance of your first inspection.
  • Read through the instructions below to familiarize yourself with the basics.  We'll set up a quick practice session with you prior to your first inspection.
  • Please review the information & video for each Stage of Inspection.

Preparing for Inspection

Step 1: Please review all Steps 1-7, first.

We want to make the inspection process easy, efficient & expeditious for you.  Reviewing the information & completing or understanding each Step will ensure the best possible outcome.

Step 2: Schedule inspection

Use the green Request Inspection button above, to schedule an inspection. Please provide at least 24 hours notice of your desired inspection date & time.  (We understand there are circumstances that may prevent this so please call our office after completing your Request for Inspection to confirm availability of an inspector.)

You will receive an email confirmation of your inspection date & time.

Step 3: Download Inspection App

Please install the GoToAssist Seeit (Citrix) App onto your Smart Phone.  The App is free & available in the Apple & Android App Stores.

The GoToAssist Seeit App lets you share what you see on your camera with an inspector.  You control the activation of your camera & microphone to allow access to our inspector.  At the end of the session you & our inspector will disconnect the call which closes the app.


Choose this one >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

app image

Step 4 A & B: Wifi Signal & Preview Instructional Video


A.  Please verify you have a strong WIFI signal with connection to the internet in the location of your Tiny House on Wheels where the inspection will take place.  This is imperative for the best quality video & images.

B.  Please preview the Inspection Instructional Video to prepare you for your pending Phase (X) inspection.

(See NOAH Certification Inspection Stages listed below.)

Step 5: Receive text invitation for inspection

Inspection Text Session

10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled inspection, you will receive a text with link from your inspector inviting you to a session.  

A minute or two before the scheduled time click on the link in the text:  Your phone may ask you if it's okay to go to this link.  Please click OK.

Next, your phone will ask which app to open with - choose GoToAssist Seeit.  The app will open, the session number will appear & you will need to click JOIN SESSION.

Step 6: Turn on Microphone

Turning on the microphone will allow you & your inspector to speak to one another during the inspection.  The inspector will see what you are seeing through the camera of your Smart phone.

It may take 5-10 seconds for the camera to focus, especially after moving quickly.  A strong wifi signal is necessary to produce the best quality images & video. 

The inspector may ask you to pause so they are able to capture a still image.  Again you will see what they see.  They may place an arrow or other remarks on the still image.  After providing additional instruction they may continue on with video...

Step 7: Session Completion

Your inspector will make notes about the inspection before disconnecting the session.  (Please do not disconnect until you are advised.)

Before the completion of the call you will be notified of passing the inspection so you may continue to the next phase inspection.  If there is a need for re-inspection you will be able to schedule it with your inspector at that time, as well.

Your inspection(s) will be saved as part of your client record with NOAH. They will be available to you in the future. 

NOAH Certification Inspection Stages

Each segment of video must include a close up of VIN label

Stage 1 - Trailer Frame

  • Dimension of frame & tongue metal
  • Cross-member spacing
  • Axle weight rating label, if available
  • Lug pattern
  • Breaks
  • Coupler size
  • Length & width of frame

Stage 2 - Frame

  • Frame up with trailer mounts
  • All hurricane straps & headers

Stage 3 - All Trades

  • Sheathing
  • Rough plumbing
  • Rough electrical
  • HVAC system

(This may be divided into 2 separate inspections.)

Stage 4 - Insulation

  • Windows
  • Exterior door
  • Insulation

Note: Stages 2,3 & 4 can be combined except for insulation, as long as everything can be seen (anchor points, hurricane straps, etc...)  In this case, a separate inspection for insulation will be necessary.

Stage 5 - Final

  • Final complete product—including picture of title or certificate of origin for trailer
  • Roof—ridge caps, drip edge, rakes, screw pattern, flashing
  • Siding—proper trim and seal
  • Electrical—check panel for proper breakers and loads, check for GFCI outlets, switches, external wire in conduit  or UF
  • Accommodations—toilet, shower, cooking source and sink
  • Heating and cooling source
  • Windows must be tempered glass, covered with safety film, or have shutters or means of covering for travel, (Can simply be 1/4" plywood, or plastic panels.)
  • Dangerous gas detectors if gas is being used
  • Moisture Control System
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Red handle on egress window

Note: If something doesn't pass it can be confirmed on the next inspection that it was taken care of as long as it isn't something that would be covered up before then. In this case, inspector will note re-inspect requirement on the report and then during the next inspection inspector will re-inspect and note the issue was corrected.

We're looking forward to serving you!