- Tiny House Certification


Our tiny house story started out with Luke Lucier deciding he wanted to build a tiny house. Luke is a carpenter by trade ( Luke Lucier Carpentry) and after much searching like you are doing he made a plan. He had a trailer built that would work for his 8′ x 20′ tiny house and then he got started. That is the hardest part. I’m Ted Lucier, Luke’s dad and I helped him get the house framed up and sheathing on. While doing it we decided to start Tiny Houses of Maine LLC and see where it will go.


Our mission is to move the concept of Tiny Houses into the mainstream of housing alternatives. Looking at the opportunities from young people to senior citizens to homeless folks, the need for housing is tremendous and growing daily. The opportunities in the Tourism sector is flourishing with all the tiny house shows on tv and people looking to experience staying in a tiny house. Please join with us in making tiny houses an accepted form of housing. Tiny houses are also a great get away place for cleansing your spirit and mind.

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