- Tiny House Inspection and Certification

We offer trailers and shells built on trailers to suit a multitude of tiny home type projects.  Our trailers are specifically designed to accommodate the weight and specific design requirements of a finished structure such as a tiny home.  Whether it will eventually be your home, a mobile shed or accessory building, an outhouse, a glorified enclosed trailer or toy hauler, or your business' own mobile concession stand and billboard, we want to provide you with the best foundation for whatever your finished project will be.  The possibilities are endless.

Our mission is to offer our customers both a top quality product and empower them with the knowledge and confidence needed to build a tiny home on their own. That is why we specialize in tiny home trailers and shells to varying degrees of completion and budgets. We recognize that the majority of people joining the tiny home movement are attracted to it because of a strong do-it-yourself drive. We want to foster that by offering a multitude of build starting points so that customers of all skill levels can truly do-it-themselves. We appreciate how rewarding it is to put your own blood, sweat and tears into something as significant and personal as creating your own unique home and living space