- Tiny House Inspection and Certification

Switchgrass offers custom built tiny homes that you can design from the ground up. We don’t have set models, our homes are unique and one of a kind. When you purchase a tiny home from us, you embark on a journey that we will walk you through. You begin by choosing the size of home you want and then work together with Byron to design the floor plan exactly how you envision. You can choose paint colors, fixtures, flooring, lights, etc. and have us finish it for you. If you need a little help deciding, Jessica’s creative talents can help guide you along the way. We want your tiny home building experience to be enjoyable and your finished home to be an expression of you and your unique style.

Or, if you prefer, you can order your home on the spare side. We will construct a safe and solid shell, leaving you just the right amount of details so that you can finish it out any way you want. Whichever way you go, if you choose to go tiny, we can help you build your dream. Contact us if you would like to view one of our tiny homes and have a chat with us about helping you set out on your Tiny Home Journey.