16th Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”

16th Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”

16th Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”

NOAH Builder of the Month August 2019


Yippie! NOAH is proud to announce that LuxTiny Homes has been selected as NOAH’s Builder of the Month for August 2019!!! LuxTiny Homes, is a premium Tiny House builder located in Lakeside, AZ. Their models feature high-end craftsmanship with quality materials.  At LuxTiny their focus is on Tiny Luxury Homes designed for full time and vacation getaways in addition to building Park Models.

Steve Dedmon and the Team at LuxTiny is responsible for the first ever Tiny Home Community in Arizona. It is located in Lakeside, Arizona in the beautiful White Mountains. Their community focus is to become a Green Community in the White Mountains all while providing a low cost, very affordable Primary Residence or Vacation Home. Greenhouses, solar panels, chicken coops and any other green aspects are more than welcome in their sustainable community, there is even a community garden at this expansive property! They have also ensured that you’ll love your neighbors by providing 3500 sq. ft. lots for each home. That sized lot is difficult if not impossible to find in other Tiny House Communities or Villages.

Because their first endeavor, building a sustainable Tiny Home Community was so successful, they are launching a Phase two which will double the size of their Community! They even accept “outside built” Tiny Homes in their Community, not to alienate or exclude persons that have built their own Tiny or hired another builder to build it for them. That type of ‘welcoming’ mentality is probably part of the reason they have been so successful thus far (it was for Rome).

You can learn more about LuxTiny Homes by visiting their website HERE. So, congratulations for being selected as NOAH’s Featured Builder of the Month for August 2019! As a small token of our appreciation for your outstanding work, we will be sending out a NOAH Swag Box to the Team at LuxTiny Homes! We would be grateful if you would take a photo and tag us on social media, or just send it to us for posting so that we know you’ve received it.

Minimalism: Trimming the Fat


Life can be arduous and stressful at times.  Keeping up with the Joneses is exhausting for many of us. Purchasing the large home with all the furniture and belongings to fill it, having the ‘right’ kind of clothes, watches, cell phones etc., aren’t as important to many people as it used to be. I believe that many of us are waking up to the new GREAT quality of life that can be achieved by living a more Minimalistic life.

Alternative Housing such as Tiny Homes, Container Homes, Schoolies and many other types have taken a hold on many people in recent years.  The old way of living in a 3,500 square foot home is quickly coming to an end for many of us. Who wants to clean and maintain all that extra square footage anyways? People have discovered that they could have a better quality of life by living minimally both with their belongings and homes.

There are many reputable builders that will offer to build whatever type of Alternative Home you wish for.  Another great thing happening for Alternative Living is that gradually the pool of viable Financing options is growing. To see some new options as well as established ones, please visit imatinyhouser.com.

Think of what other good things you can add to your life by not playing ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ anymore. If you take the leap and dive into living alternatively by living with minimal belongings, just think of the wonderful experiences that could fill your life. Travel to an exotic location you never thought possible, visit family or friends that aren’t next door more regularly, you would have the time and money to do some charity work and help others, you could spoil yourself with fun activities and many other things as well! Living a minimalistic life will free up your time and money so that you can make the most out of your life. We’ve only got one life, why not make it the best one that we can?


NOAH prides itself on “Promoting Freedom to Live” and that means in any type of safe housing, including an alternative housing choice. It is because we value people’s right to choose their own specific type of home, that we inspect not only Tiny Homes, but we also inspect Container Homes, Schoolies and Park Model RV’s!

It is important to almost everyone that they have the choice to decide which type of home suits them and their families best, and NOAH is here to support that decision.

In Case You Didn’t Know…


To receive or contribute information on Placement, Insurance and Financing for Tiny Homes, please visit our NOAH sponsored website HERE. This is a free site to consumers for getting or giving information on Placement, Insurance & Financing.

Are Huge Homes Morally Wrong?

Housing costs rose significantly in 2018. Seattle is at the forefront of cracking down on McMansions. Research shows that people aren’t any happier living in very large homes if someone in the neighborhood has a larger one, so why bother anymore? Seattle sees the need for affordable housing and as a result they are allowing more ‘back yard’ structures to be built. They can be used for rentals or for family members to use, providing many more options for affordable housing options for their residents.

New laws currently being enacted with regards to back-yard structures, can provide an extra income for the residents and/or an affordable place for seniors to live that still want to live independently. It will also allow families who couldn’t afford to live in the fancier neighborhoods with great schools, the opportunity to now do so. No matter where you stand on unnecessarily huge homes, their rise and fall are now part of the fabric history of our great country.

Ironically, as American Homes got bigger, the average family size shrank. So, where does that leave the baby-boomers who built a lot of larger homes before the recession hit? They are going to have to get creative to downsize, because they just aren’t selling like they used to. In Seattle they have increased the size allowed for back-yard cottages up to 1,000 square feet! This means wonderful things for many people and we are so glad to see the understanding and compromise from the Building, Planning & Zoning Departments in Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland and other cities across the nation.

Tiny Living is a necessity now, that is how you know it is not a trend, it is here to stay. If you would like to read more on this topic, I came across a great article that gives some of this information and much more on the topic, just click HERE.

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NOAH News by: Nanci Miller

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