18th Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”

18th Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”


NOAH’S Builder of the Month October 2019!


Click HERE to see more photos and learn more about this companies compelling work.

We here at NOAH are proud to announce Far Out Tiny Homes as our October Builder Of the Month!


I asked Jilan how her and Josh came to be in the Tiny House Manufacturing business, and this was her response, “Our first build was completed on a shoestring budget. Both Josh and myself were sick of being stuck within the cycle of high rental rates, expensive utilities, and debt. Our family of 6; 2 adults, 2 kids, and 2 pups needed a change. We started our research years before our first build actually took place. Countless hours spent on Sketchup helped us to refine our design to find one that not only fit the budget but fit our family. Our first tiny home build took us 4 months. The home we created is, still to this day, our favorite tiny home. The 6 of us lived within our tiny home for just shy of 2 years. We learned so much about what it actually takes to live tiny. We wanted an authentic experience that would help us formulate strong talking points with other like minds and future clientele. From this experience we opened Far Out Tiny Homes. We now build tiny homes on wheels, mobile business units, and container homes for our clientele”.

When you meet different builders and hear their stories, it is easy to find the commonalities between their life’s

struggles and your own. The stories about the grit and determination of the Tiny Home Building pioneers of this great country just inspires me every time.

This family wanted an authentic experience that would provide a level of understanding between them and their clients that you can’t get any other way. So, they immersed themselves and their family in the Tiny Living environment completely, I respect that.

Learning about the up’s and down’s of living Tiny and learning what to do different next time to enhance the experience for their clients. So, they don’t just ‘talk the talk’…they ’walk the walk’. This affords them firsthand knowledge and experience for their clients to benefit from.

This company also has some exciting projects on the horizon; a resort made up of only container homes! You can read more about this project in the next article, ‘Most Interesting Current Build Projects”(as seen below).

You can learn more about Far Out Tiny Homes by visiting their website HERE. So, a big congratulations for being selected as NOAH’s Featured Builder of the Month for October 2019! Only 12 builders each year are selected for this honor. And as a small token of our appreciation for your outstanding work, we will be sending out a NOAH ‘Box O’ Goodies’ to the Team at Far Out Tiny Homes! We would be grateful if you would take a photo of you sporting your goodies, and tag us on social media, or just send it to us for posting so that we know you’ve received it.

And a big THANK YOU to all builders that have taken the time over past months to take a photo and submit or post it! We love our Members!!!

Most Interesting Upcoming Build Projects:


Our featured Builder of the month for October, Far out Tiny Homes, has their biggest build to date and it begins this month! Owner’s Jilan & Josh had this to say about it,” This container project will not only will be an art installation but a functional place to stay. Located in the California Desert “No Aqua” will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen. The concept for this project was to create each room as a singular experience. The guest will enter the space from a custom built fully enclosed pathway. Above head will hang vines filtering the light to give a mysterious vibe. As they enter through the French doors the guests will be exposed to the inside of an illusion pool concept that has been built to include a hidden fully functional kitchen. The light will ripple through the room and bounce off the floor to ceiling tile.

From the kitchen a full staircase will lead you up to the custom roof top deck. The looking tower off the deck resembles a diving board giving our guests big opportunities for Insta worthy moments. Below the roof top deck and through the kitchen a room like no other is hiding. This room is for the adventurous soul looking to stay in both luxury and art. The hidden bed will pull out from a cabinet that resembles a locker, the chandelier will illuminate the space with bright neon pinks and cast beautiful shadows across the walls. Each piece within the space will be custom built to clients wants and needs. The bathroom will include a floor to ceiling window so each guest can have an outdoor shower experience while being indoors. The exposed copper piping will create a waterfall effect above head. Enjoy the breathtaking views as you wash your stress away.

This artists retreat will continue to expand as time goes on. Each piece will allow guests to have a different experience. No Aqua is already in talks of our next functional living art piece in 2020.

This company is finding clever ways to make functionality beautiful. I love when someone is creative with their build…I especially love it when someone takes it a step further and builds entire Resorts, Villages and Communities using their imagination and inspiration to build some of the most creative places to live to date!

There are Opportunity Villages:

This Village, which is located in Eugene Oregon, has a theme of independence and is helping to solve America’s Homeless epidemic.







There are also Eco-Friendly Villages Popping up everywhere! Like this one by TallTree Eco Village, by way of YS Development.




Who doesn’t love a good theme? These builders are thinking BIG about living Tiny and we are all excited to follow their progress and see what they get into next! If you have pics of a cool build please submit them to info@noahcertified.org, we are always looking for ways to showcase our builders efforts!

Slide Outs Are In!



More people are wanting to live Tiny every day. Some are having a hard time committing to a THOW as a viable form of housing because they don’t think they can live in a space that is 8’6” wide. A slide out just may be their solution! You can close things up for easy travel and when you are settled just expand to fully utilize your living spaces full potential.


Joe at Central Coast Tiny Homes is responsible for building this beauty! You can visit Joe and tour his Tiny’s at the Tiny Footprint Expo in San Luis Obispo, CA on October 11th-13th. Slide outs can be a great added feature for your investment. They increase your square footage, giving you more options. Some have reported water penetration issues and trouble with insulating the gap. I believe that with proper planning both of these obstacles can be overcome.

Another builder breaking glass ceilings is Zero Squared out of Calgary Alberta, Canada. The Aroura was one of the first Tiny Houses with expandable rooms by Zero Squared.

So, there are lots of examples and lots of reputable builders to choose from.

And the Tiny House Jamboree hosted a Tiny this year with three slide outs on it! We spend so much time planning smart to use every possible inch of space and piece of transformable furniture to save space when we might not need to worry about that so much now. Now by adding slide outs, you can just expand your Tiny home to fit you and your family. It’s your home and your investment, do what fits you best.

And, remember slide outs, they are the next BIG thing in Living Tiny!

Noah Trivia:

I am proud to announce our first ever WINNER of the monthly NOAH Trivia Contest! Last month’s question was: Which State has the highest concentration of Tiny Homes in the U.S.?

Although we have received many responses, unfortunately, none were correct, we did however, have a few submissions that were very close. The closest of these was Eva (We will be in touch via Email.)! The answer of North Carolina submitted, was the closest (geographically) to the correct state. The state of Florida has the highest concentration of Tiny Homes in the U.S. We referenced the ATHA Map for the source of our question and answer. In the future if the correct answer is not submitted, we will declare the person with the closest answer (geographically or statistically), as the winner, good luck!

October’s NOAH Trivia Question:

NOAH’s Upcoming Events:

[NOAH] Tiny Footprint Expo

October 11 @ 3:00 pm – October 13 @ 3:00 pm 100 Madonna Road San Luis Obispo, CA 93405, 100 Madonna Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 United States + Google Map Find out more »

[NOAH] 5th Annual BIG Massachusetts Tiny House Festival

October 19 @ 10:00 am – October 20 @ 6:00 pm 62 Dunham Road #1; Beverly MA 01915, 62 Dunham Road #1
Beverly, MA 01915 United States + Google Map Find out more »

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