19th Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”

19th Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”


NOAH’S Builder of the Month November 2019!

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NOAH Certified is proud to announce that Nomad Tiny Homes has been selected as NOAH’S Builder of The Month for November 2019!!! Alex and Marianne Worlow with the Team at Nomad Tiny Homes produce some of the most beautiful custom Tiny’s for consumers to choose from! They spent a decade building gorgeous residential homes, honing their craft. Since 2016 Alexander and Marianne have enjoyed turning their focus to building efficient, eco-friendly Tiny Homes using knowledge previously acquired.

Alex and Marianne are established in the industry, seeing as they have been professionally building Tiny’s for so many years. They believe in providing their client with the best of everything possible to assist their clients with protecting their investment, therefore, every build includes NOAH Certification.

At Nomad Tiny Homes they are inspired by clean lines and simplistic design. You will also find that they pride themselves on building you a space that will inspire you and that incorporates nature at every turn. You can learn more about Nomad Tiny Homes by visiting their website HERE. Congratulations to Nomad Tiny Homes for being selected as NOAH’s Builder of The Month for November 2019!!! To let you know how much you are appreciated by the NOAH Team, we are sending you a box with some goodies inside! We would be grateful if you could send us a pic with you and the swag, we would use it across our platform and #tag you in it!

Pop-up Tiny Homes; The Next Big Thing?

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I have written recently about slide-outs on Tiny Homes, as they are becoming more popular. What I love about Tiny Home builds is that they are so versatile. You can pretty much do whatever you can imagine! Another new build idea is pop-up Tiny Homes. You can increase the height inside to provide more interior space when it’s not being towed. Or some clever builds even allow you to ‘pop-up’ the entire second floor, creating a two-story Tiny Home!

The big benefit with pop-up Tiny Homes is that when in the lowered position, it is easy (and legal) to tow, but when parked, it can expand upward and offer a significant amount of additional square footage or interior space. Ever been in your Tiny House loft thinking “I would give my left arm for two more feet of ceiling height up here, or maybe even a full height bedroom.” You could add this feature after the fact, but it would be costly, and you would not be able to live in your Tiny during construction. However, making this a feature in your build from the start can be a great investment in your Tiny Home.

When brokers talk, they talk in price per square foot language, because that is what matters most. With a pop-up…you just doubled yours. However, having a roof-raising system might raise some concerns for a few. Just like slide-outs are known for leaking and are prone to failure when not well-built or properly maintained, pop-up concerns include if it will stand up to repeated use and high-winds. If properly maintained, you can expect many years of use from your mechanism. Like with anything, you get what you pay for so, choose a highly rated manufacturer. And as far as the high winds go, if you have everything anchored in properly, you should not anticipate having an issue.

I just love everything about Tiny Homes. The way they allow you to live, the new adventures and people that you get to experience, the creativity you can put into your home truly making it ‘your own’, and how Tiny Homes have changed so much over the past five years alone. I am so excited to see what is thought up next!

What makes a Tiny House popular: Renting out your Tiny

Who doesn’t like passive income? A widely known fact is that people love to travel. In fact, six in ten Americans vacationed last year, and required accommodations. The number of Alternative Structures being used as rentals has increased from last year. A Tiny House is a great way to increase or supplement your income passively. There are many sites like Air BnB where you can lease a property short term. Another option is to lease it long-term by signing a lease with a tenant.                                                                                                                                                                                        

The placement of the Tiny for rent is a popular topic with consumers. Focus on the positives, is your Tiny located in forest setting? Well then, it’s not far from town and isolated. Its private, secluded and close to nature. Or is its location on a beach? Or maybe near shops, restaurants and activities? Having local amenities listed in the property (maybe include some menus) is always appreciated.

Another amenity that consumers enjoy is having the opportunity to accommodate guests overnight in their Tiny. You never know when it might come in handy to have an extra bed. Lounge space, good wi-fi, and a larger bathroom with smaller kitchen is also top of the list. Who wants to cook large meals when on vacation? It is important to decorate so that a large demographic savor the décor. If the décor is too specific of a taste, it will not appeal to the masses. Lastly, picture yourself there and walk yourself through your guests experience so that you can anticipate your guests needs. It’s important to stay in touch with what the consumer wants and provide that. Reviews will make or break you so, put your best foot forward and enjoy that passive income!

The rules are as follows:

  • Read the Tiny House Trivia and the first person that answers correctly will receive a free NOAH Swag box!
  • Prizes will vary month to month but will include items like:
  • Travel Mugs, T-shirts & Gift Cards!!!

Winners will also be announced in the following months Newsletter!


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