20th Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”

20th Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”


NOAH’s Builder of the Month December 2019! Freestyle Spaces LTD

Freestyle Spaces has been chosen as NOAH’s Builder of the Month! This Innovative Tiny Home Manufacturing Company is in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. They produce some jaw-dropping Tiny Houses!

Right from the beginning the team at Freestyle Spaces focuses on providing the best customer experience they possibly can. They work hard to get an understanding of the client’s needs and style. “Each tiny home is personal and unique to the client; our job is to deliver your tiny house vision to you”. They even hold Workshops to answer questions and provide valuable building insights to anyone wishing to learn about building Tiny!

When building for their clients, “We like to keep you involved in the tiny home build from design to completion. We send regular updates and photos every step of the way, so you feel connected to the build and know exactly what stage your tiny home is at. You’re always welcome to come visit the workshop and see it in person at the various stages”. I do not know of many companies that provide build updates with photos. This service must be very valuable to clients that do not live close to the builder, but still want to be kept in the loop on their build.

“We are always available by phone or email, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are ready to respond long after delivery to make sure everything is good with your tiny house”. Another perk is that they make themselves available even after the money has changed hands and the Tiny has been moved from the build site.

So, congratulations to Kevin McHugh and the Team at Freestyle Spaces! You can check out their website and see what other innovations and clever design ideas have been produced from this Tiny Home Builder! To let you know how much you are appreciated by the NOAH Team, we are sending you a box with some goodies inside! We would be grateful if you could send us a pic with you and the swag, we would use it across our platform and #tag you in it!

Christmas Tree… On The Wall

I am so excited that the Christmas Holiday Season is here! For those of us that live Tiny and have concerns about how to fit a BIG Christmas in a Tiny space, have I got a solution for you: I came across a clever Christmas Tree On The Wall idea with instructions that I thought I’d share with you. Its from Tiny Life Consulting and you can check out their website for other clever ideas!


  • Garland, 9′ from Hobby Lobby, Qua. 6
  • Christmas lights, 3 strings of 100 bulbs, from Walmart®
  • 3M, Command Hooks®, from Walmart®
  • Glue Dots, Flexible Hanging Tabs®
  • One large picture hook.
  • Blue or green painters’ tape

How to construct a Christmas tree on the wall in your Tiny Home:

  1. Layout the Christmas tree shape on the wall with painters’ tape. See the picture of the slide show for example.
  2. Nail in the large picture hook at the top of the tree. It will bear most of the weight of the garland.
  3. Attach the first garland to the picture hook. I wrapped the garland with the lights as I went because I thought this would be easier than trying to string the lights on after the garland was hung.
  4. Use the Glue Dots hang tabs to affix the garland to the wall using the tape as a guide. Once you’ve have outlined the tree remove the tape.
  5. Attach the second garland to the first and continue wrapping with the lights. Fill in the center of the tree. Use a 3M Command® hook at the top of each garland to bear the weight. Our tree is 5′ hight and 3′ wide. We used five and a half 9′ lengths. I cut off the extra with a wire cutter. The lights came out just right.
  6. Fluff the garland (takes forever) to look like real branches, then add your favorite decorations. My wife has the artistic skill for that part.

We added a star on the top (also from Walmart®) using a 3M, Command hook®. After cleanup we slid the furniture back into place so the tree is safe from our dog and the baby can’t get to it.

For us, this was four hours of hard work. The next day many of the GlueDots® had let loose. I replaced them with the 3M clips and it’s holding now.

Thanks to Tiny Life Consulting for sharing such a clever and useful idea.

Financing in Canada: RV Loan vs Personal Loan

A tiny home is typically smaller than 500 square feet and can cost anywhere from $10, 000 to $180,000. Most buyers will need a loan. Unfortunately, some mortgage lenders still won’t offer a loan for Tiny Homes. Why? Most mortgage lenders typically have a minimum amount that they can loan (sometimes they can bundle multiple loans together to present for approval), and some only give loans to permanent homes which leaves the buyer wondering, “How will I pay for all this?”

There are still ways of getting a loan, but not in the traditional way. You could possibly borrow a line of credit from your financial institution or borrow money from a family member. Just be sure to know how much house you can afford so you can pay back the loan in full.

One route potentially Tiny homeowners can take is to buy an RV loan. If you plan on building a tiny home that is mobile, you can get a loan ranging up to $66,096.00 keeping your interest rate low. However, if your home isn’t considered an RV, or if you plan on building it on a foundation, your interest rate will be higher (another good reason NOAH includes inspecting to NFPA1192, which is the Standard for Recreational Vehicles). There are many options for Financing your own Tiny Home. You will find multiple options available for the US and Canada on imatinyhouser.com.

NOAH Trivia Question

The rules are as follows:

·         Read the Tiny House Trivia and the first person that answers correctly will receive a free NOAH Swag box!

·         Prizes will vary month to month but will include items like:

·         Travel Mugs, T-shirts & Gift Cards!!!

Winners will also be announced in the following months Newsletter!

Last month’s Trivia Question:

Can I store my propane tank under my kitchen sink and pass NOAH Inspection?

The Winner is Lara!!! Congratulations, we will be sending you some goodies shortly!

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