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KJE Tiny Homes


KJE’s ‘Rolling Cabin 

KJE Tiny Homes is based out of Fresno, California. They are right in the thick of all things exciting happening in California over the past year. I love that the first thing that you see on their site are the words “We Build Tiny So You Can Live Large”. That sums up the entire movement/industry in just a few simple words. That is the primary reason people go Tiny after all. 

Not unlike NOAH, KJE is a small family owned business. However, they haven’t let the smaller size of their company limit the large and positive impact they have made to their clients and the people they inspire by their work. The ambitious owners built their first Tiny Home themselves and have continued to build dozens since. Their design sense is outstanding, we cannot wait to see what jaw dropping designs are in store at KJE in 2020! 

The interior of their ‘Vintage Ashley” Model

To keep things interesting, KJE has recently expanded their services. They are now also building mobile luxury restrooms, food/cantina trailers, mobile bars and salons! So, if you are contemplating a business ‘On the Go’, be sure to give KJE a call and prepare to be amazed by the new designs they come up with. To see more Tiny Homes from KJE visit their website HERE.

A heartfelt congratulations for the Team at KJE Tiny Homes, they deserve it! Remember to keep an eye out for a box of goodies from NOAH soon!  We appreciate our Builders and are thankful for this opportunity to acknowledge your outstanding efforts!


LA Loves Moveable Tiny Houses!


Big news for the Moveable Tiny Home Community, Tiny Homes (on wheels) have been sanctioned as LEGAL ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units) in Los Angeles, California! This ordinance permits Moveable Tiny Houses as legal, permanent & habitable accessory dwelling units (ADU). This means huge things for anyone looking to achieve placement in such a breathtaking city like Los Angeles for a longer period than some of the other placement opportunities can currently provide.

California is such a beautiful state and should be on everyone’s Bucket List to visit once before they go (if it’s not, you must hate puppies, Pop Up Blockers and sweet Grandma’s). The State has so many diverse regions to experience. The scenery is awe inspiring in especially the rural areas as well as in the more historic cities. The State of California has been working towards being Tiny friendly for quite some time now. Almost exactly one year ago, the State of California declared that the entire state was now ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) friendly.

Although this effort did move things in the right direction, it solved squat with regards to the placement of Tiny’s, immediately that is. Although the laws had changed, making the state ADU friendly, the ‘powers that be’ had not yet decided how on earth to classify these “TINY Homes”, until now. The Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance has now been passed by City Council! I don’t have to tell you how epic this is! Other cities have seen what Los Angeles has accomplished and are following suit. San Diego and San Jose are already thinking about allowing in Moveable Tiny Homes as ADU’s! This is a huge WIN for the Tiny House Community as a whole! Thank you to those that pioneered the efforts required to make this possible for all of us.



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