5 Key Tiny House Elements with Multiple Functions

5 Key Tiny House Elements with Multiple Functions

Despite their size, tiny houses are usually designed in a way to maximize space and make the home feel larger than it actually is. Several design elements effectively make this possible and by doing so increase the quality of life in a small space. 

When living in a tiny home it’s important to have belongings and built in furniture with multiple functions and space saving features. The more the better! The longer someone lives Tiny, the more they are able to hone in, and acquire items that have multiple functions.


Many tiny homes have a sleeping loft to optimize the downstair’s space. There are basically two ways to get into a loft. A ladder or stairs. It’s not surprising that stairs have become the most popular in recent years, because they can double as a storage opportunity, are easier to climb, and often keep the flow of the space open. Additionally, stairs create space to set things on top of them and are easier for pets to climb. 


2. Couch

It depends on your lifestyle and choice of how to utilize the small square footage in a tiny house, so the size of the couch that’s chosen for the house can vary. However, the couch affords an opportunity for more than two functions. Many tiny house couches have ample storage beneath, pull out into a guest bed, and operate as a cozy space to hang out on the daily. 

3. Trailer

The trailer itself actually lends to a few functions that may be overlooked. The fact that the home is on wheels means that it can move seldomly or frequently and creates a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility. Depending on where you want to live or for how long, you could live in RV parks and travel, or be stationary and in one spot long-term. A tiny house that is up on jacks in a semi-permanent spot creates a large amount of covered storage space underneath. When the trailer is skirted it closes it all off to the elements and is a great space for storing tools, extra building materials, seasonal items, or anything that is not needed inside the house. 


4. Kitchen Items

-A colander can double as a strainer for whatever you need as well as be a hanging produce bowl. 

-Jars can be drinking glasses and store bulk goods for reducing packaging waste and creating easy storage. 

-A small instant pot is a popular tiny house appliance because it can cook food 70% faster and slow cook or keep food warm for up to 10hours.

-Magnetized items are great for a home on wheels and also save space. Check out some of the most popular items like magnetic knife holders, spice jars, and hooks for hanging things out of the way.

5. Full-glass Door

It’s important to bring light into a tiny house because it makes it feel much bigger than it actually is. Doubling as a window and door frees up wall space for built-ins. 

These are just a few of the most popular ways to optimize space and efficiency in your small space. It’s truly amazing how creative people can get and really the options are endless.

Written by Isabelle Nagel-Brice of A Tiny Good Thing