5th Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”

5th Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”


From the Desk of Robin

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As CEO and President of NOAH, I am often asked a wide variety of questions pertaining to the Tiny House Movement. These questions range from why Tiny Houses exist, and why should Tiny Houses continue to exist all the way to Egress windows and what their purpose is in a Tiny House plan.

All in an effort to grow the Tiny House community, its freedom to live, and its right to safety – I am here to offer my personal opinion.

NOAH stands to promote the Tiny House community with consistently evolving ideas on how to obtain Safety and Freedom while living the Tiny House life – and building it to that standard.

And the Question remains.

How can I Benefit from the Tiny House Movement?

  1. Freedom to Move, Freedom to Live

Who here likes to be tied down and told where to live and how to live?


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NOAH’s Featured Builder for the Month of September 2018


Greg Parham of Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes

Greg, with his architectural background, has been a builder of beautiful Tiny Homes since 2013. He has produced over sixty Tiny Houses on Wheels to date! Each build has a uniqueness that pays true homage to the spirit of the Tiny House Movement. Greg’s building philosophy is to ‘keep it simple’. He provides a quality build with a clean and streamlined design element.

He utilizes characteristics found in organic architecture, as seen in the roofline in the photo above. Fluid clean lines that support a streamlined and minimalistic lifestyle that today’s Tiny Houser responds to. There are many different roof styles to choose from that are easy to build, but it takes a builder with vision to produce such a gorgeous design! This model is 26’ and named the San Juan, coming soon!

For more info please visit their website.

We here at NOAH would like to acknowledge his efforts and positive impact on the Tiny House Community! Congratulations to Greg for being selected as the Featured Builder of the Month! As a small token of our appreciation we will be sending out a NOAH Swag Box to Greg at Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes! (Be sure to take a photo and tag us on social media so that we know you’ve received it)

How can I Sell my Tiny Home?


There have been many hurdles to overcome so far with living Tiny. Such as, where do I find a reputable builder, placement, insurance, lending and more. Tiny Homes have been in play for a minute now and it probably won’t be long before we see an up-turn in Tiny Home remodels and Tiny Houser’s looking to change the size of the Tiny Home they live in. This will effectively raise the amount of people looking to increase or decrease the amount of square feet they are hauling and residing in. Also, we cannot forget the builder who wants nothing more than to turn that inventory over.

First I recommend blasting the listing for the Tiny House you have up For Sale, across your entire social media platform (including your companies website). And post it on a regular basis until the sale is achieved. You do not want to oversaturate your platform with material that is too repetitive, so I would periodically change up the look and verbiage in the ad to keep it interesting and fresh by using varied forms of content, such as videos and slideshows on Instagram. People will scan over material they recognize and have previously dismissed, in turn not giving your advertisement a second look. To improve chance of sale, you want them to look twice at your Tiny House ad.

If you have a Tiny Home to sell, don’t underestimate the power of Facebook. Start by posting in the increasingly popular Facebook Marketplace, which according to its VP is frequented by over 700 million people who use it to buy, sell and browse. Facebook Marketplace is taking the lead over Craigslist as the trendy place to buy and sell from. In addition to the Marketplace, you can also join and post in local buy and sell groups, which often have tens of thousands of members and essentially ‘eyes’ on what you are selling.

Lastly, there are many online resources to list a Tiny House on, some of which have proven effective. Why not utilize this established resource? They have already spent the money and time to set up this selling infrastructure for you! Here are links to some of the more successful sites to list on:

Tiny House Blog Tiny Home Builders Tiny House Listings Ebay Market Place

Upcoming Events- Where to Find NOAH!


– Massachusetts Tiny House Festival

 9/28/2018 – 9/30/2018

– 3rd Annual Decatur Georgia Tiny House Festival

 9/28/2018 – 9/30/2018

– Howard County Fairgrounds; West Friendship Maryland

 10/6/2018 – 10/7/2018

– Great American Tiny House Show, Portland Oregon

 10/6/2018 – 10/7/2018

– 3rd Annual Florida Tiny House Festival

 11/16/2018 – 11/17/2018








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NEW MFG Members 3rd Quarter 2018

Let’s give a warm welcome to our newest manufacturer members joining NOAH in the 3rd Quarter!

Ridgeway Management


Innovation Tiny Homes

Tiny Cabin Company

Tiny Home Oregon

Tiny Recreations


Innovative Tiny Homes

Colorado Classic Containers

Tiny House AZ

Humble Hand Craft

RJF Tiny Homes

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