NOAH Blog Post#2: 7 Ways to Increase Living Space in your Tiny House

NOAH Blog Post#2: 7 Ways to Increase Living Space in your Tiny House

7 Ways to Increase Living Space in your Tiny House


Going Tiny is a big deal. Leaving material things behind and starting a new journey is exciting and a little scary at the same time. I can just hear the questions come to mind:

"Can we actually do this?"

"How will everything fit?"

"How will I be able to move around and not feel confined?"

"A Tiny House is just so… well, Tiny."

But the good thing is this. Going Tiny doesn't have to feel Tiny…

Discovering new and innovative ways to create ample space in your home can be quite fun!

This is where you get to take your Tiny House and really make it your very own - and more satisfying than a larger home!

1. Enjoy Natural Light

It's no secret that natural light elevates a person's mood - but it also serves to maximize the area in a room. Welcoming natural light into your Tiny House will make the space look and feel open and airy. Integrating a skylight into your build and adding the right balance of lighting are excellent ways to brighten up your Tiny House - thus, making it appear larger!

2. Multipurpose Space Savers

When it comes to Tiny Houses, the phrase "shoot two birds with one stone" is completely relevant. And it's the absolute smartest way to treat every item in your Tiny House! A sofa isn't just a sofa anymore. A sofa is now also a bed, storage unit, and a workspace area - given you have a coffee table nearby, or something similar.  All it takes is playing with the items and materials you have at hand and recognizing its full, versatile potential.

Bonus: Knife Magnets and Spice Rack Magnets as shown in this video by Jenna Spesard are fabulous ways of space saving without compromising beautiful décor.

3. Larger, Specialty Windows

If you are living Tiny or exploring the possibilities, you may want to ditch the smaller windows for larger ones - especially if you don't do well in confined spaces. Bay or Bow Windows, a Roll-up Garage Door, or simply a large sliding window all produce picturesque  ways of connecting the openness of the outdoors to the interior of your home - giving you the perception of extra space.


4. Sliding Barn Door

Sliding Barn Doors definitely save more space than traditional swinging doors. And if you choose the right door, it can be a total eye-catcher! Not to mention, the extra storage shelving you can have just behind the barn door.


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5. Inventive Storage

Decluttering and utilizing your storage space resourcefully will definitely magnify the amount of room in your Tiny House. Surely, repurposing your stairs, your bed, and your furniture to create storage is vital. But don't forget, you can also implement custom built-in storage. Here's an awesome example of a built-in hamper.

6. Elevator Bed

Lofts are great, but I'd say the challenging part is the limited amount of space you have to move around. Oftentimes, you have to crawl into bed and be careful not to hit your head. Ana White, and her husband Jacob White have created a genius idea in the Tiny House industry - an elevator bed.  The electrical elevator bed is truly remarkable, and provides a much roomier loft. Click here to view the elevator bed in motion, and learn how it was built.

7. Light Color Schemes

Another way of creating a spacious living area is to keep the colors light! And from a decorative standpoint, it's great to use a piece of furniture, or a select few, with an accent color to design a pop out effect.


Which ideas do you absolutely love and which ones just won't work for you? If you have tried any of these, or are willing to, we'd love to hear your story!

Written by Alicia

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