- Tiny House Inspection and Certification

Robin Butler - CEO

Born in Kentucky, raised in Maryland, Robin originally took over a family construction business in 1974 and has been self-employed in construction ever since. He moved to Florida in 1992 to help rebuild Homestead, Florida after Hurricane Andrew. In 1995, Robin moved to Orlando. In the summer 2015, he started NOAH Certified, a third-party inspection and certification company for tiny houses on wheels.

As Founder of NOAH Certified, Robin Butler brings over 40+ years of experience building homes. From concept to completion, he’s designed homes, drawn plans and built standard traditional and larger homes.

His experience working with the permit department, building inspections/inspectors and Planning and Zoning provide a deep body of knowledge for the building process. Robin saw a need for standards in the tiny house movement.

“Builders were building tiny houses to whatever standards and codes they saw fit, says Butler. “Many builders were experienced yet some were not. And building a tiny house on a movable foundation has challenges that a home on a fixed foundation does not.”

NOAH Certified began filling this void by setting tiny house standards using national standards from the RV and home building industry. Even though NOAH Inspection and Certification is a voluntary process, over 100 builders across the Nation have become members of NOAH to assist them with the building of tiny houses. In addition to being able to use a tiny house as an RV, Robin is an advocate for tiny houses being approved as permanent residences.

Robin enjoys traveling the county speaking about standards and building codes for tiny houses on wheels. And, in his spare time, Robin likes to fish, snorkel and go hiking in the mountains. He is a happily married empty-nester, with four kids and seven grandkids, with three generations of family currently serving on the NOAH Certified team including Robin’s 23-year-old grandson.

Bonnie Butler - Vice President

Bonnie comes to NOAH Certified with a background in Business & Finance.  Bonnie earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from New Hampshire College. She spent 23 years in marketing, product management, customer service, and finance. Before joining the NOAH team, Bonnie focused her talents in the financial industry as a loan officer.

Prior to marrying, Robin Butler, Bonnie was a single mom for 20 years and understands the value in living a simple life and the importance of quality family time which is what intrigued her about the tiny house movement. Bonnie enjoys meeting and serving people.  Her hobbies include hiking, biking, gardening, and of course attending tiny house events.

Jordan Miller - Head of I.T.

As head of IT for NOAH Certified, Jordan Miller brings 5 years of experience as well as passion and dedication in his ability to support, create, market and promote NOAH and its member community. He is an integral part of the organization who meets the everyday challenges to creatively design new and innovative ways to represent ‘NOAH Certified’, via social media marketing and web design. Jordan has always had an interest in all things technical from an early age. “I would dissect any technological device in my path, just to study and learn the inner workings of the hardware, “ says Miller. “ Since then I have built upon my knowledge and understanding of the forever evolving technological world, enabling me to successfully support and manage all technological functions within the business.”

Cheri Sherrill - Office Manager

Cheri has worked in several different aspects of being in an office setting and supported many different professions from the medical field, construction, real estate as well as photography.  She has worked internationally for companies.  Cheri has over 30 years’ experience in office administration.

Cheri believes that when an office runs smooth, then a company can prosper. Cheri is passionate about NOAH and knows that the tiny house community will be even bigger in the future than it is today. Cheri enjoys spending time with her family and gardening in her spare time.

Nanci Miller - Director of Human Resources

Nanci has been very passionate about Tiny Living since she lost her first tooth at 5 years old. Her father would stack phone books for her to sit on so that she could see over his drafting table to draw up her own Tiny House Plans. As she grew up, she has maintained the same level of love for living Tiny. As a professional in the Tiny House Industry she gets satisfaction knowing she is helping others fulfill their own dreams of living Tiny.


Nanci entered the Tiny House arena after attending Kent State University and investing 20+ years in the service industry. She is excited about the growth of the Tiny House ‘movement’, since 2015, the industry has grown exponentially. Nanci’s hobbies include; Tiny Living shows, blogs, festivals and people!