Brief over view of the certification process

NOAH Inspection and Certification provides confidence and peace of mind for consumers and levels the playing field for builders, lenders, insurers and municipalities.

The Original High Tech

Technology is moving faster and faster every year. Our ability to “see” has improved to the point where Inspectors do not have to physically go to the site in all instances. Trained professional inspectors perform inspections at various stages of the build to “see“ the construction before it is covered over.


By using live stream and photo technology we are able to not only “see” the inspection in process, but also digitize and store the inspections for future review.   These are unalterable files and are securely stored as proof of compliance to building codes and standards and approved plans and specifications. Arrangements can be made by Municipalities, Insurance Companies, Owners, Contractors and other interested parties to review these digitized files.

Digitized Inspections

Building Phases