Choosing the Right Time to Downsize

Choosing the Right Time to Downsize

Choosing the Right Time to Downsize

Many people plan big decisions, transitions, or moves around what they consider to be the ‘right timing’. That may mean when they’ve saved enough money, accomplished a big project at work, or when their kids graduate and move out. 


What most in the end of their lives would share is that you shouldn’t ever wait to do something until everything feels perfect or you’ll just spend you’re entire life waiting and you’ll be left with nothing but regret.


So, if you’ve been considering tiny house living, when is the right time for you to make the move?

Young and Single

Thousands of people were introduced to the Tiny House Movement through exposure on home improvement television stations. Most feature a young college student, recent graduate, or budding entrepreneur looking to save cash and get started loving their lives. This is a great time to go tiny because of the freedom, both financially as well as with your time, that it offers.


When you are beginning your life with someone, tiny living can offer a chance at adventure, freedom, and a life without as much maintenance, upkeep, and financial strain. This can be an excellent way to plan, design, and even DIY build your first home together.

Raising a Family

More and more families, established and still growing, are choosing alternative housing as a means to both saving money as well as instilling more pioneer and community values in their children. Tiny house living can be a great way to allow families to reconnect, be intentional with their time and money, and grow and strengthen their bonds with one another.

Readying for Retirement

Even if you are an empty nester, widow, or a couple ready for their golden years, going tiny in a THOW or even with van life or a Skoolie, you will be ready to hit the road while making the most of every single day. Tiny living allows retirees to take adventures they’ve put on hold while building careers and growing families. It also allows seniors to capitalize on whatever retirement savings they’ve worked so hard to build. There is no perfect time to do anything, but going tiny isn’t something you should put off, no matter your current season in life. Most tiny house dwellers wouldn’t tell you they have any regrets except that they didn’t downsize sooner.