Check your internet speed

Since we preform our inspections Via GoToAssist, we need to make sure you have suitable WIFI / DATA speed and signal. This is imperative for the best quality video & images. For acquiring this info we recommend using This will give you three numbers DOWNLOAD SPEED / UPLOAD SPEED / LATENCY. We recommend at least 1 Mbps for your download and upload as well as anywhere between 1-200 ms or (latency). To get started please head on over to and click “START TEST”, this will take a minute or two depending on your speed.  

Optimal UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD 1Mbps 

Optimal LATENCY is anywhere between 1-200 ms 

3g speeds are between 400Kbps to 1.2Mbps 

4g speeds are between 1-3Mbps  

4glte 2-200Mbps

Reliability of Carriers


Common Connection Issue Causes

  • Is there a storm?
  • Is the router too far? If so, use a CAT 6 Ethernet cord to move the router close to or in the Tiny Home.
  • If you are using data and a smart phone without access to WIFI, you have the option of a hotspot. We recommend  choosing a carrier with better coverage in your area.