DIY Tiny House Options

DIY Tiny House Options


The tiny home movement has rapidly grown in popularity over the last decade. The ability to maintain a small budget, free up time, and live simply has become a very popular way of life for singles, retirees, and growing families alike.

Since the boom of the industry, many seeking to build their dream house on wheels struggle to find a builder who can meet all of their wants and needs while remaining in that small budget where tiny houses initially gained their momentum in the housing industry. However, many seeking to downsize have a desire to be hands-on during their build but lack the construction confidence to complete a full DIY. This leaves potential DIYers with some decisions to make:

  • Do I consult with a builder or a company who inspects and certifies tiny homes?
  • Do I purchase a framing kit so my build is structurally sound?
  • Do I go with a tiny house that is already roughed in?
  • Should I chance the fullion DIY experience?

Builder Consults

Sometimes even professional get stuck. So, if you have decided to DIY your tiny house and order a Trailer Made custom trailer and cold form steel ready made framing kit from us but hit a snag, call us! We are available, for a consultation fee, to answer questions, lend guidance, or help you think through a problem to get you back to your build.

Frame Kits

Buying a tiny house shell allows you to alleviate the safety concerns of a structurally sound home while being able to remove the labor costs of finishing the home by doing the work yourself.


  • Saves Money-you are saving yourself thousands of dollars in contractor labor fees to finish your tiny house but still getting a house that is structurally sound.


  • Peace of Mind-Knowing that steel is stronger, lighter, and safer than a traditional wood framing gives you the peace of mind to know that you have the structural foundation built from cold form steel.


  • Building Codes Met-All Trailer Made steel frame kits and custom trailers meet residential housing codes so you have the security of knowing that your house is starting with the best of the best.


  • DIY Pride-Unlike hiring a contractor to build your tiny home from start to finish, you are taking an unfinished product and making it truly your own, all from a design that you created.

Roughed In THOW Benefits

  • Safety is Priority-Since few DIYers have the in depth knowledge of construction from things like electrical and plumbing, this option allows you to have all of that done by trained professionals but still allows you to add your own DIY finishings.


  • Solid Foundation-Builders selling roughed in tiny houses know what it takes to have a solid chassis for your home to ride on and insulation that is rated at an R-value that will withstand your planned temperatures.

The Full DIY Experience

  • The pride of building your house with your own two hands is something shared by a very few people. This, along with the immense financial savings from labor costs and contracting are the two main driving forces behind what is motivating people to build their own THOW from start to finish. Just be cautions, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, ask questions, do your research, and make sure you are having yoru build inspected at every stage so it is safe and ready for the road!

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