Downsizing to a Tiny Home Successfully – Yes You Too Can Do It!

Downsizing to a Tiny Home Successfully – Yes You Too Can Do It!

Whether you’re moving into a tiny home, a renovated van or maybe a small studio apartment, making the decision to downsize can be extremely freeing; however, it can also be both physically and emotionally exhausting. While the idea of keeping the belongings you need and getting rid of the ones you don’t sounds simple, it’s not always quite that simple.  I thought compiling some helpful tips and tricks to make your transition from more to less much easier and less stressful.

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Taking Inventory - get out some paper and make a list.

1. Must Haves

We all have those Items that are important to us and cannot be replaced. Think about family photos, important documents, and things you require for your work. Like my laptop for example.  There are must haves that cannot be replaced except to upgrade them.

2. Can You Live Without It?

Look around your current home, I’m sure there are lots of items you can and will be able to live without.  These are the things to sell, donate or simply throw away. I know this is hard, you’re not just getting rid of “stuff,” you’re getting rid of objects that more than likely have memories attached to them.

3. Can It Be Replaced?

Evaluate what items you currently own and could be sold and replaced with a smaller version. Sell your oversized furniture for furniture that better fits the space. Choose furniture that can be multipurpose like a sofa with a pull-out bed or end tables and coffee table with hideaway storage. No longer will you have room for that dining room table that seats 8.


Use the six-month rule.

No matter what room, closet, or drawer you’re working on, another indispensable rule of thumb for getting rid of things is this: if you haven’t seen or used it in over six months, you probably don’t need it.

How many Coffee Cups do you Really Need?

Take into consideration just how many you need of a certain item.  I have a rule that I only have enough plates, glasses and utensils for my husband and I and two guests. So, my kitchen only has four plates, four sets of flatware and four drinking glasses — you get the idea. If the time comes where I need more, I use disposable items. This can be applied to multiple categories like towels, bedding and clothes.

Having a storage unit is completely acceptable

Downsizing doesn’t mean you can’t have a storage unit. It’s perfectly fine to have a storage unit but use the same evaluation practices with your unit as with your tiny house. You can use the storage unit mainly for seasonal clothes, camping gear, bikes, tools & maybe your grandmother’s china cabinet that you just can’t part with yet.  If you need a storage unit, organize it in a way so it’s easy to access.  If you just stuff it from floor to ceiling like a lot storage units, it will be a waste of storage and you’ll waste time looking for that one thing.

Technology has never been better for Tiny Living!

With technology, it is a bit easier to live in a tiny house. Now things are smaller, faster, and better performing. Focus on going paperless as much as possible and switch to e-books. Bluetooth speakers are very handy and portable and you’ll be able to part with that huge stereo system. These things don’t need to take up valuable space anymore. 
Also, photos are keepsakes but unless you’re regularly thumbing through photo albums, why not save yourself some space by digitizing those old family photos. Do the same with any movies or CDs you’ve got sitting around collecting dust. Remember, anything that can be wireless controls clutter.

In closing, downsizing can be stressful, but having an action plan can turn an overwhelming task like de-cluttering into easily digestible bite-sized pieces. Make the decision to clear out your excess stuff, and get started on your journey to a more manageable space. You’ll be glad you did!

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