-What is a Digitized Inspection?

Digitized Inspections are performed remotely by licensed inspectors utilizing smart devices to perform the inspection and store the inspection record for future use.


-How do I get a copy of my Inspection Record?

Call or email us and make a request. It takes 24-48 hours for you to receive a shareable link via email.


-How long does NOAH store my Inspection Record for me?



-Can I share my Inspection Records if required? 

You can share the inspection record with municipalities, financing institutions, insurers and future owners.


-How do I prepare for an Inspection?

Log into [in to access] the NOAH Portal and you will find instructions and helpful hints in the member manual, as well as emails sent prior to each inspection.


-How do I troubleshoot connectivity issues?

Perform a Speed Test by visiting our connection troubleshooting page.