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It is pretty incredible, as you begin to downsize and purge yourself of non-necessities, what you find you no longer need or haven’t used in years. Many people uncover entire boxes they hadn’t ever even unpacked. It is likely that you have an attic or basement stockpile as well. Most people do.

So here are the six former must-haves tiny dwellers decided to ditch. Some of them may surprise you.



Full transparency, if left to their own devices, most moms can become hoarders. Whether they grew up with limited funds taught them to be thrifty and responsible, or they are just preparing for future sizes for their kids, they can end up with totes filled with stuff. This preparedness includes couponing for groceries, buying in bulk, and snagging deals on clothes or shoes before kids can even fit into those sizes.

Once tiny house dwellers live in under 300 square feet, storage is drastically decreased. This means, aside from maybe a dresser and closet space, it is good to aim for one tote or drawer for the next season’s items. So, when changing over your wardrobe from winter to spring, everything that can still be worn next winter must fit into the drawer.

This mindset has cut down on excessive spending as well as allowed us a true picture of what we actually wear.



It shocks many to discover their kids don’t need 20 pair of any one thing and the dog can still be happy if she runs out of dog treats.

As a former bulk and budget shopper, many current tiny home owners might have previously had 9 bags of dog treats or an entire shelf filled with toilet paper just because it was on sale. However, all of those ‘things’ just took up space that could have been used for something else and never have any reported finding themselves in a state of dog treat-less panic.

So, fellow saving-savvy friends, step away from the fast food sauce packets. It’s fine. You have BBQ sauce in a bottle in your fridge. You will make it through this nugget crisis without taking 13 extra packets home with you. Trust us.



Most tiny housers find themselves encouraged to spend more time outdoors since the interior real estate is decreased. Because of that, their kiddos don’t find the need to spend the American average of countless hours on a screen or cell phone.

Most operate on the rule that if they get something new, something old is replaced. Many still purge toys about once every 6-8 weeks so the kids know to expect it. This can be very freeing because they can simply employ a toy library system where they have a tote of old toys at a friend or family member’s home. When they visit, they take a few items from the tiny house and switch them out. This always makes them feel like they are getting to play with ‘new’ things at no cost to the parents’ wallet.



Natural disasters occur but they are rare. So, it is unlikely you will need to make the space for a ‘Go Bag’ or the 30 pieces of fine china most people keep in a specially designated cabinet in case the queen comes over. You don’t need these things so rid yourself of them. Experience the freeing power of only keeping what you are certain you will use.



At any given time in most people’s pre-tiny living years, they likely had shelves in a pantry or storage room used for overflow items like paper or canned goods they had found on sale or in bulk.

Since going tiny, you will find that they no longer buy things in multiples unless they are on budget and on their list of current needs. If they don’t have plans to use them in the next week (or month, depending on the item), they remain on the shelf at the store.



While you will often see the adorable Christmas lights or happy hauntings of decorated tiny homes online, most small house dwellers opt out of storing holiday decorative items in the limited storage tiny houses have to offer.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be festive. It just means whatever you choose, like most things within a tiny house, should have multiple duties. This means white Christmas lights could function to brighten up a bedroom during the off-season and then to highlight a tabletop tree during the holidays.

Tiny house dwellers get very creative after adjusting to the limited storage space and smaller real estate many small homes have to offer. This doesn’t mean that you have to give everything up. Instead, it means that you are able to enjoy every single thing inside your home.

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