From the desk #4

From the desk #4


From the desk of Robin Butler

  I recently asked our team to answer one question.  Why does NOAH exist?  Collectively the team came up with the following answer: NOAH exists to promote freedom to live…   And by boiling down the responses we came up with some interesting statements:
  • NOAH is here to do top notch Tiny Home Inspections.
  • How do we do it? We do it by using cutting edge technology, that is constantly evolving and improving.
  • What do we strive for? We strive to be the best in Tiny Home Inspections.

How do we do this?

“By filling a void in the Tiny House Industry. Providing our inspiration and inspections to ensure a quality Tiny House build and thereby the safety of the family inside.  Every Team Member here at NOAH believes in our purpose and the positive effects that our efforts have resulted in a better outcome for the Tiny House Industry.  We assist in moving the Tiny House Movement forward by breaking through ‘Code’ barriers, and by providing valuable information and education services to the Tiny house Community as a whole.”   This requires us to be continuously thinking and changing, but we can do it.
  1. “NOAH exists to serve the Tiny House community by providing them with a voluntary certification process to promote safe, quality, and up to code Tiny Houses. NOAH stepped in to hopefully help keep the Tiny House community free of having the government regulate everyone thus resulting in less creative freedom and to promote a means of self- regulation.  NOAH does everything that they can to help people succeed in their “Tiny House Dream” by giving them free resources like IATH.com, free consultations, and great customer service. “
  2. “NOAH exists to serve those desiring to live tiny.  People want to free themselves from the burden of upkeep and debt and to live a more balanced life.  We assist those people seeking a simpler lifestyle by providing the knowledge they need to build tiny homes that are safe and hopefully more acceptable to the “Authority Having Jurisdiction”, thus allowing them to live not only where they want to live but also how they want to live.”

Who/what is NOAH’s competition?

Our competition is the government, the media and big business who would like for us to buy bigger houses, so we must buy the stuff to fill it and thus handcuffing us to a large mortgage taking a big portion of our income to pay that mortgage, and our spare time is spent maintaining the home and buying and storing our “stuff”.  By the way, the definition of “mort” is death and “gage” is a pledge. So, is this a pledge until death or a pledge of death to lifestyle freedom?   These statements pretty much say the same thing; only differently:   National Organization of Alternative Housing exists: To help families (homeowners) to attain life freedom…get their life back. To do this we may have to “Buck the status quo”. To help people in their quest for freedom. To help people live safe and free. We deliver innovative assistance to lifestyle freedom. To improve and develop lifestyle freedom.   Why does NOAH exist? To Promote Freedom to Live…   How: We set standards and perform live stream/digital inspections on EACH house. Then we store the digitized inspection for future use. What NOAH does: We provide Peace of Mind by ensuring Tiny Houses on Wheels are Built Right. And: Clearing the Path to:
  • Insurance
  • Funding
  • Placement