Gift Ideas for Someone who Lives in a Tiny House

Gift Ideas for Someone who Lives in a Tiny House

The minimalist “tiny life” is not exactly conducive to acquiring gifts. Often tiny house dwellers “collect” experiences rather than physical items, or already have what they need. Most tiny house belongings are already being fully utilized. When it comes to buying a little something for your loved one who lives in a tiny house, or for you or your family if you live in a tiny house, then we have a few ideas for you.

Jim Westphalen


Memberships are a great way to add experience and value to a loved one’s life, and it’s not physical. Maybe your favorite person has wanted a gym membership for a long time, or they just moved near an awesome food cooperative and would love to support their local food systems as a co-op member. 

Digital subscriptions are also similar in that they offer learning or entertainment opportunities. A mail subscription although less common these days is equally exciting. Take the Sunday New York Times for example, which once read can be burned in a tiny wood stove.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates of any amount are super nice to receive, whether they are to a restaurant nearby, a grocery store, Amazon, a gas card, REI, the list is endless. 


People who live in tiny houses chose to live small so that they can expand their lives in other ways. Typically this means saving more and experiencing life in a different way. Less space to keep and pay for means more traveling, outdoor activities, and trying new things. A planned experience as a gift can be super unique, personal, and thoughtful. 

Local or Homemade

Gift giving is all about finding that item that will bring joy to the person receiving it. Often, gifts are given that the giver would love to receive as well. Sometimes the most heartfelt gifts are handmade, grown, or from close to home. Giving homemade jam or pickles from your garden’s harvest or local honey is small and consumable, but also has more time and care put into it than anything bought online or from the store. Anyone living in a tiny house would be ecstatic to share in the fruits of your harvest and get a small taste of where you’re from. It’s also better to support small and local businesses, especially during the holiday season.

Living in a tiny house and having a smaller footprint automatically makes a positive environmental impact. The size of the home alone makes it more energy efficient, uses less materials to build and deconstruct (that often end up in landfills), and consuming less water are a few of the benefits of living in a smaller space. This is often one of the main reasons people choose to live this way, and why it’s common for tiny house dwellers to be more conscious of consumption and waste when living “Tiny”. If you do want to purchase a physical gift, something that’s useful and can be used many times over is your best bet for anyone living the tiny house lifestyle.

Written by Isabelle Nagel-Brice of A Tiny Good Thing