Great Reasons People Go Tiny!

Great Reasons People Go Tiny!

Without a doubt, Tiny House living has gained in popularity over the last 5-6 years. The pandemic might have spurred growth in the market, but a lot of people are going tiny for different reasons.

Save a lot of Money

A smaller house means smaller bills.  You will spend less on heat and air as well as, general maintenance. Tiny House owners typically spend less than $1000 per month on home-related expenses. Tiny Homes cost less to build & therefore less mortgage, too.

Helping the Environment

You might not imagine that Tiny Housers go Tiny just to help the environment, but they do. Tiny Homes are very eco-friendly and consume fewer resources – less to construct, less to heat and cool, and they occupy less space. Fewer things, less waste. And, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. I spoke to a Tiny Houser on this subject recently that said “With our tiny home, we can’t think of anything we’re compromising on. We have every convenience and comfort that we want and we still constantly exclaim how much room we have.”

Owning less stuff is good for the soul!

How many boxes do you have in your garage that you haven’t even opened since the last time you moved? You don’t have to say. By encumbering ourselves with so much stuff, we stress ourselves out, because we have to keep track of it, take it with us wherever we go, and buy a bigger house just so we can have a place to put it all. In a Tiny Home, you’ll necessarily have to pare down to the things you really need. That may sound like a burden, but it isn’t – it’s good for the soul!

Live More Simply

Living with just what you need. This one goes hand in hand with “less stuff”.  I love how living in a smaller space makes simplifying more important and can give you a nudge to let go of more. I’ve talked to many people that love staying in a hotel because of how simple and clutter-free it is. I totally agree! There is something so refreshing about staying in a space that has the essentials, but nothing more.

Save Time

Less house to clean means more time to spend doing what you love! There’s nothing worse than spending your day off housecleaning – sweeping, dusting, laundry, ugh! In a tiny home, you can cut your cleaning and maintenance down by a huge amount.

Travel in your Tiny Home

Not a lot of people can say that! It’s not every day you see a house traveling 55-65 miles per hour down the road.  Traveling in your tiny house on wheels can be an extraordinary experience. Each highway trip feels like an adventure.  There are always delightful reactions from fellow travelers, occasional honks, waves, and picture taking.