How a Tiny House Can Positively Change Your Life

How a Tiny House Can Positively Change Your Life

Living in a tiny house is a unique way to live. It’s not a conventional lifestyle and it’s definitely against the grain, but what it adds to our lives is immense and beautiful. It’s interesting how downsizing to live in a tiny house can open up so much more than we ever expected. 

Live with less.

Reducing belongings creates less responsibility and less to keep track of. When everything you own is in a tiny house, moving means towing your home including everything you own. No more packing boxes, renting moving trucks or services, and having an immense amount of belongings to move locations. 

Ideally each and everything you own is useful and something you love to have around. Choosing items that are made with quality, longevity, and are beautiful, will make life easy. It’s a simple concept that creates a simple life.


Explore more.

Living in a home on wheels creates the opportunity to explore different areas and climates. If you have a relative who needs some help, you can move with your home to be by their side. The impermanence of a tiny house inspires adventures, and explorations of all kinds. 

Spend less.

Tiny house living is a lot cheaper than living in a “big” house. This frees up the ability to work less or change careers, travel more, spend more time outside and with friends, save money for a different dream, volunteer and cultivate community, or really anything else you want to do with less monthly bills. 

Once a tiny house is paid off, and depending on where it’s parked, the monthly cost to live tiny can be remarkably low. However, the cost of parking has gone up along with the demand, but it still stands that tiny house parking is around 50% of what it would cost to live in a studio apartment in the same area. If more than one person and children live in a tiny house, then it’s extremely cost effective. 

Utilities for a tiny home also remain quite low and it’s a fun exercise to break everything down to not only know how much it costs to run your house, but also how you are positively making an environmental impact. 


Love Life.

There’s not much in life that feels better than living in the exact way that you want. Most people who live in tiny houses say that they wish they had done it sooner. 

There are so many different reasons that people choose to live in tiny houses and all of those reasons fill a need or desire that otherwise was not being met. What are your reasons for “going Tiny”?

Written by Isabelle Nagel-Brice of A Tiny Good Thing