NOAH: Introducing our Military Discount

  We all appreciate our Military and the Freedom it affords all of us. We here at NOAH are always looking for ways to thank our military personnel for their service. We are proud to support our veteran’s through our affiliation with Operation Tiny Home and The Farm in Dallas Texas. 


  Because of our love for our nation’s Military, we are proud to announce NOAH’s Military Rebate 

This is a discount of 10% off all goods, services and memberships provided by NOAH to both Veteran and current service members. This Rebate is available for every membership type and takes effect with all new members. 


This discount may not be used in addition to other coupons, discounts or promotions. A copy of your Military ID is required for verification purposes. 


Call us now with your information and receive your discount the same day! Once your Membership is paid in full, you are immediately eligible to receive your full rebate which will be refunded to your card.