- Tiny House Inspection and Certification

Bijan is the founder, contractor and designer behind Spindrift Homes, and he has been dreaming up tiny home designs for over a decade. Growing up in Leucadia, California, Bijan spent most of his days surfing and building. While he was putting in the hard time as a construction apprentice, helping build lavash new homes for families that would soon to have a seemingly never-ending mortgage payment, he realized this life wasn’t for him. Bijan then envisioned a life where he could enjoy the freedom of exploring new places, enjoy the outdoors, live humbly and also experience the splendors of owning a beautiful place to call home. There, the tiny dream began. Bijan continued to work in construction in many different locations such as New York, Seattle and Northern California, becoming a master of his work in all jobs he was assigned to. With 15+ years of construction experience under his belt, Bijan decided to begin his journey with tiny house building. It has proven to be an amazing outlet to express his creativity, artistic visions, visionary design ideas and effervescent energy.

Bijan and his wife, Sarah, are now co-operating Spindrift Homes tiny house company. Together, they are now successfully building more tiny homes and growing their business in Bend, Oregon, where they currently reside.