Summer Parties in Your Tiny Home

Summer Parties in Your Tiny Home

Summer Parties in Your Tiny Home


Summer is the season for family gatherings, pool parties, and fun in the sun. These memory-making experiences can be hosted anywhere, regardless of the size of your interior real estate. Don’t shy away from inviting the whole crew over just because you’ve chosen alternative housing like a tiny house or ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). Here are some helpful tips on how to host a summer party in your small space.

Natural Light

Whether you’ve chosen to design your small house with extra windows or french doors, open things up, lift the blinds, and let the light stream in. Not only will natural lighting brighten up your space, but it will make it feel larger inside for your guests.

If you are hosting your party at night, throw those windows and doors wide open and increase your space by inviting guests to wander both inside and out.

Incorporate Outside

Hang string lights, light a fire pit, and ask guests to bring their own lawn chairs. Memories are made in the quiet conversations and loud belly laughs with s’mores, popsicles, and music; and none of that needs to take place indoors. Tiny houses are show pieces, for sure. For the masses living in the American average of 2200 square feet or more, people are curious about those living alternatively in a small, simplified space. So let them tour your home, but then take the fiesta outdoors.

Bring the Outdoors In

Even if the weather doesn’t support an outdoor gathering, use pillows on steps, alternative seating inside, and even cook food that is more likely to be served on the floor such as an Indian feast. This makes for a great party theme and encourages culture and conversation for your guests.

Decorate Up

When hosting a party in an tiny home, think outside the traditional long table with serving dishes. Use hanging baskets for flatware, three-tiered cake trays for appetizers and the stand beside your outdoor grill to serve the main course. People will love how you mix things up and it will create a lasting memories for all those attending.

Just because your interior space is small, shouldn’t make you shy away from hosting a summer party at your tiny house. Use these tips to create perfect summer memories.