There’s Something Special about Living in a Tiny House Community

There’s Something Special about Living in a Tiny House Community

As minimal living grows more and more popular, Tiny House communities have become a prominent trend for 2021. In fact, there are now many, many communities across the world just made up of tiny houses. Living in a Tiny Home community is not like living in a regular sized neighborhood. Since these homes are practically on top of each other, your neighbors are difficult to avoid. If you love the company of others and want to be an active part of a close community, then living in a Tiny Home community might just be the perfect choice for you.

Some of these communities might have tiny home rentals on offer. This way, people can sample tiny home living and determine if it suits them before they commit to owning their own tiny house. A Tiny Home community can range from eco-villages to vacation retreats.

Many of the tiny house communities are located in states that are known to be friendlier to the Tiny House Movement. Jurisdictions and townships that have experienced a housing crisis are also much more open to establishing a tiny house village in their public lands.

Pictured: Orlando LakeFront Tiny Home Community & Rentals


Developers of these new tiny home communities often add numerous facilities in their properties to make it more appealing. Aside from sewerage, power, and water, you can also gain access to recreational facilities like a basketball court.


Some tiny house villages even take amenities a step further by creating their own community events and bazaars.  Transitional tiny house communities often have shops where locals can sell their crafts and products to their visitors. Personally, I think a Farmer’s Market would be an ideal addition! Or, a community garden.

Your Neighbors Have Your Back

Another added benefit would be security – Looking out for one another is a great thing. The more people living around you, the tighter the security against thieves. Sort of like a neighborhood watch program.

There’s Always a Potluck

In tiny home communities, communal meals are not just for the 4th of July—there’s always someone sharing a meal with their neighbors.  Tiny house living has an incredible culture of cooperation and connecting with neighbors, and shared meals are often on the weekly agenda.

Life Happens Outdoors

Tiny House people are really into outdoor living. In a typical setup, a large yard with a fire pit or patio is surrounded by Tiny Homes – residents can use these areas as an extension of their living space. It’s common to see people reading a book by the fire, rolling out a yoga mat in the yard, or just relaxing on their porch. These everyday moments become an opportunity for friendly conversation, and that’s how Tiny Home Community peeps like it.

Pictured: WeeCasa Tiny House Resort in Colorado

Moving your Tiny Home to a Tiny House village or community gives you that communal spirit of being part of something larger than just yourself or your family. Ultimately, it’s a village that can bolster not only security but also sustainability. There’s something special about living in a smaller community – you get to know your neighbors better. It’s a family like atmosphere. 

Since the Tiny Home movement has only picked up speed, there are now plenty of Tiny Home communities to choose from, just depending on where you are and how far you want to travel – but most of all, what scenery do you like? Florida is Tiny House friendly & so is Colorado.  Beach or mountains?

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Thank you and until next time, Keep Living Tiny & Dreaming Big!