Tiny Home Top Five Tips to Get Ready for the Holidays

Tiny Home Top Five Tips to Get Ready for the Holidays

Tis the season and all can be merry and bright, regardless of your square footage. Tiny houses can celebrate the holidays in big ways and we are here to give you tips and tricks from tiny home dwellers on how to ensure that your holidays be happy and your home cheerfully decorated for such an occasion, despite how many rooms you boast.

Here are Five Ways to Get Your Small House Christmas Ready.

Trim the Tiny Home Tree-Or Whatever

Photo of Tiny Home Christmas Tree.

While the tiny house and small home living industry continues to boom, growing over 900% in the last decade, some think living small means you can’t enjoy a Christmas tree during the holidays. As with many tiny living adjustments, one can certainly have a tree, but they may opt for a difference in the layout. Here are a few suggestions from tiny house dwellers celebrating their holidays with all the bells and ornaments.

  • Use a taller, thinner tree so you can still enjoy the ambience of Christmas without the use of as much real estate.
  • Opt for a table-top tree or put a smaller size pine in an extra bedroom or the kids’ room to save living space in main rooms.
  • Decorate a living tree outside or, like one family who full-time RV, build a Christmas teepee from downs tree limbs.
  • Use Double Duty-Decor

    Photo of reversible decorations.

    As with most small spaces, tiny home dwellers recommend buying decorations you can use longer than once a year. Just like someone in a small home would be more likely to purchase a fold-down desk that doubles as a dining room table, the same goes for holiday decor.

    Look for signs that are reversible or trees you can enjoy all year round, only adding ornaments and colored lights during the Christmas holiday season.

    Put the Pine Outside Your Tiny Home

    Outdoor Tiny Home Decorations on a door.

    Whether you go traditional with a simple circular pine and holly wreath, or you opt for something more extravagant like your monogram, adding a touch of the holidays outside your small home can help bring the decor indoors. People feel welcomed with holiday cheer when they pull up to your house so less is expected indoors.

    Change Out Christmas Subtleties

    Assortment of Christmas decorations.

    From holiday hand towels in the bathroom to decorative kitchen clean up, spreading your festive feelings throughout your small space makes the entire home feel like Christmas. The spirit of the holiday shouldn’t stop with a tree. Hang a holiday mug, put a decorative cover on the wine bottle, and keep the napkins looking like December. All of these tiny touches will make a big impression on your guests.

    Expect a Full Tiny Home

    Group of people gathered in a Tiny Home.

    Too many people assume if they live simply to choose a smaller space that they can no longer host holiday parties or festive functions and we couldn’t disagree more. The sheer novelty of simple living is one to be shared. That conversation piece alone will draw crowds to your hip new place.

    Invite the masses, prepare your space for the holidays, and enjoy the cozy company. People will have a wonderful time enjoying the intimate setting for meaningful conversation that only a small home can provide.

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