Tiny House Holiday Decorations

Tiny House Holiday Decorations

Living in a tiny house creates the opportunity to downsize belongings. Often the first items to let go of are the seasonal ones that only come out of storage once a year. Therefore, holiday decorations usually don’t make it through the initial downsizing purge. However, there are a select few unique ideas for decorating tiny homes during the holiday season that should be kept or acquired if you like to have a little holiday cheer in the darkest days of winter. 

Create Light.

LED string lights can be used inside and outside of a tiny home all year round. They instantly create a cozy ambiance, and don’t require a great deal of energy. LED lights that change color are perfect if white is your go-to, but they also give you the ability to change the color when celebrating your winter holiday of choice. They pack down to a fairly small size so storing during the off-season doesn’t take up too much room.

Bring Nature In.

Holiday scented items like candles and air fresheners usually have chemicals to create those scents we know. An essential oil diffuser can create those holiday scents we come back to each and every year in a more natural way. Although, bringing in fresh pine cuts can be a great way to transform the inside of your tiny house. Visually they add a pop of green and just a few small branches can make the entire tiny house smell like a pine forest. Most christmas tree lots have ample cut offs that they throw out. Asking nicely for a few usually means you can decorate the inside of your tiny home for free. 


Or with space, a small holiday tree is a lovely addition!

Sentimental Items

Just because you live in a tiny house, it doesn’t mean that you can’t hang onto those sentimental holiday pieces that you have used since your childhood. Ornaments can be hung from lofts, or placed on a free wall in the shape of a tree with small battery powered LED string lights. 

Traditional Baked Goods

Every family has their traditional recipes that come out each year around the holidays. Baked goods are a perfect way to keep traditions alive. If you have the ability to bake in your tiny home, then the smell can bring back memories. 

Or, make a gingerbread house in the image of your tiny home!


Written by Isabelle Nagel-Brice of A Tiny Good Thing