Try Tiny Living Before You Buy: 4 Tiny House Tips Before Taking the BiG Leap

Try Tiny Living Before You Buy: 4 Tiny House Tips Before Taking the BiG Leap

“Working with an out of this world artists goes like this, “I want a shipping container that is half house half pool, but the pool is an illusion that houses a hidden kitchen. Can you do this?” Yes, yes we can,” says Jilian Wise of Far Out Tiny Homes, a NOAH member and master of creating the impossible when it comes to tiny houses.

Since tiny houses are becoming more mainstream types of alternative housing, many are considering downsizing. However, tiny house dwellers always recommend trying tiny living before you commit to building or buying. So, where can that be done?

Lots of AirBnb rentals, tiny house hotels, and vacation tinies can be found online. Kevin West of Homestead tiny Homes says, “We decided on the tiny house resort concept to act as a sales and marketing vehicle for our tiny house company and it sounded like a lot of fun. We use Airbnb as the rental engine. It’s easy for someone to search in the area, find the property and book online. Each tiny home has an electronic combination deadbolt. We change the code after each occupant has checked out.”

Here is why these trial periods can be crucial:


Decide on Wheels or a Foundation for Your Tiny House

Not sure you want to park or move around in your new small space? Rent a tiny vacation home for a week and test out the small interior space so you can see if you get the itch to move. That may help you decide if you want to build bigger or if you should consider building on wheels.

Don’t Skimp On Windows for Your Tiny House

Something easy to miss if you haven’t actually stayed in a tiny home for any length of time is that windows are a huge part of tiny living. Not only do they let in natural light and fresh air, but they are also an easy way to make your interior real estate feel larger than it is. Additionally, your windows are a form of safe exit in case of fire, a way–if installed correctly–to prevent mold, as well as many that fold out to bring the outdoors in.

Narrow Your Needs and Wants for Your Tiny House Floor Plan

West added, “We’re really proud to have a fully ADA compliant tiny home on our property. The city didn’t require it, but we thought it was a good opportunity to build one. It was quite a challenge to design but it turned out fantastic. Additionally, each tiny home has a deck beside it, but not attached. They are built in such a way that if there is severe weather on the way, we can evacuate the homes to a safe location.”

Staying in several different models and floor plans of tiny homes can allow you to figure out what you want vs what you need. Many enter the design phase thinking they need a dishwasher or residential appliances, but after trying tiny living they realize those are wants and their needs look more like a wheelchair ramp, main floor living, or a bathtub.

Certified Tiny Houses Can Park Without Worry


“Having all of these tiny homes NOAH Certified was very important to us. Not only for the safety of every occupant, but for our peace-of-mind knowing that each tiny house was built the right way,” Kevin said.

Certifying your tiny house build is a crucial part of the build process if you want to have a safe, sturdy, and reliable build that will have a much easier time being accepted to park in RV parks, campsites, national parks, and even mobile home lots.