What Size THOW-Which Way Should I Go?

What Size THOW-Which Way Should I Go?

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Everyone goes through a research period before jumping into tiny living. For some it might be weeks and others read hundreds of articles, speak to dozens of builders, and pursue their tiny dream for years before pulling the trigger on it.


During this search, most people’s idea of what size they want their house to be changes a couple of times. There are definitely some pros and cons to the different sizes that are out there. Here are some of items to look over when considering your tiny house size.

Number of People

This may seem simple, but if you have two kids, they are going to need their own sleeping spaces. Two bedroom tiny houses are becoming more and more popular, and some even offer main floor bedrooms for those who prefer that to loft living.


For these reasons, it is really important to test-drive tiny houses before you build or buy. Rent one for a long weekend so you can get a feel for the space and the layouts that will work for your family.

What You’re Taking

It is impossible to really know how much ‘stuff’ you’ve collected in your life until you start to purge it–selling, donating, and trashing what you no longer find useful. Most tiny housers recommend each item in the home have multiple uses so you may find that, even after downsizing, you will still be throwing things out.


You will want to be sure you are designing a home that is the proper length for closets, storage, multiple seasons of clothing or hobby items, and even storage for food for you and your pets.

How You’re Towing

The general rule of thumb is that if you plan to tow your tiny house often, you need to aim to stick as close to a 20 foot trailer as possible. Anything longer than that becomes cumbersome to maneuver and tow. It will also likely require a larger vehicle, specialized driver’s license, and even paying a professional hauling company to move it from place to place.


If you have a large family or think you just want the space offered by a chassis that is 30 feet or more, be sure you check out the logistics before you build or buy.

Resale Value

As the tiny house movement continues to grow there are more and more people turning over their house. Whether they are just interested in building a new house to make what they have better or they are planning to build for others, think about how your tiny would hold its value in resale. The most popular models are the 20’ and the 24’ sizes. They are easier to build, tow and sell and they don’t intimidate either way.

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