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Sure, living Tiny requires thinking outside of the box. But using a Tiny House for something other than a Tiny House, like a business? Well, that’s thinking outside of that box too. Let’s look at some super cool businesses that are on the road today.

1. Mobile Coffee Shop

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Le Bon Café is truly an architectural masterpiece, as every inch of this construction is built to perfection. Just look at the roofline, and the curves on that body! Even the colors chosen are flawless – the way the blue and the purple stand out just seals the deal. This Tiny House Coffee Shop is certainly a Show Stopper. But what’s even more extraordinary about this Tiny House Coffee Shop Business is that most of the material used is reclaimed, recycled material. 👉 Click here to learn more about Le Bon Café, the owners, and the building process. Their 5-Star reviews on Facebook tell me that if I’m passing through Asheville, NC, I’m definitely stopping by!

2. Traveling Library Bookstore

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A travelling bookstore is definitely a unique and charming business product. But since this particular Tiny House, pardon my French, Tiny Library Bookstore is in France, it’s been given the name “La Librairie Itinérante.” The interior has a working space designated for Jean-Jacques, the Nomadic Bookseller, the clients coming in to read the books, and all-around book covered walls. 📚 However, it’s most fascinating attribute is that it travels to small towns in France that do not have the presence of a bookstore or library.

You don’t have to be a bookworm to appreciate something as rewarding as this. But if you are a bookworm, how would you feel if Barnes & Nobles and eBooks no longer existed? Crushed, I know. Good thing for Traveling Libraries.

3. Tiny Traveling Theatre

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The Tiny House Tiny Traveling Theatre, equipped with double french doors, a performance stage, and a soup kitchen is clearly an organization full of compassion for others in need. I am in awe of what the Tiny Traveling Theatre business is about. In their mission to extend joy, laughter, hope, and kindness to the underprivileged and victims of natural disasters – they vow to bring the theatre, and emergency provisions to you. 👉 Click here to learn more and meet the wonderful couple who started the Tiny Traveling Theatre.

4. Restaurant

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The Mac Shack had to make it on this list! The owners, Jeremy and Kayla found a way to turn one of America’s most favorite side dish into the central focus of a gourmet meal. I’ve never been a fan of mac & cheese 😲 but theirs looks phenomenal – you simply cannot read this and Not checkout their menu. It will either change the way you look at mac-n-cheese, or serve as leverage for your already existing mac & cheese cravings.🍗🧀 The Mac Shack, a super attractive Tiny House Restaurant business with an equally eye-catching Chalkboard Display Menu, may be found in Nashville, TN and I’m Florida, so I have to ask the question, would they deliver all the way to Florida? After all, it is a Tiny House on Wheels.

5. Dental Office

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Nomad Dental is a local traveling dental office in Downtown Dallas, Texas. The office is furnished with all of the necessary equipment a traditional dental office has. And the amount of windows implemented in the build has given it a proper amount of natural light, thus making it a relaxing and clean environment, and not at all scary.

Going to the dentist is not something most people look forward to, and even less when you have a hectic schedule. But this Tiny Traveling Dental Office comes to you. That’s perfect for the busy business professional who can’t always leave work.

Do you have a business you want to take out on the road? It’s simple, contact NOAH Certified to get your Tiny House inspected, and start making your dream business a reality.

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