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NOAH Announces the “We’ll Buy Your Home!” Guarantee


NOAH, the National Organization of Alternative Housing, and the country’s leading third party inspection company for tiny houses on wheels, is pleased to announce the Buy-Back-Guarantee which is backed by InterNACHI. InterNACHI is the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and is one of the largest home inspection companies in the country for NOAH Manufactures Members of Tiny Houses on Wheels.

Based out of Apopka, Florida since 2015, NOAH performs inspections of tiny houses (houses less than 400 sq. feet at critical stages of the build, then digitizes, and stores the inspection for future use by lenders, insurance companies, municipalities, and future home owners. NOAH Manufacturer Members builds tiny houses to life, safety, and fire safety code standards of the RV Industry as well as Construction and Energy Efficiency Codes of the home building industry.

According to, 68% of tiny house dwellers have no mortgage and 15% of the 18-34 year olds surveyed stated they would definitely live in a tiny house. This is the beginning of a long-term trend. The American Tiny House Association reports some benefits of tiny house living because they seek to live debt-free, a pressure-free live, the increased ability to travel and a reduced environmental footprint. NOAH is instrumental in getting tiny house owners on the right track.

Noah’s Inspectors are all Certified Professional InterNACHI inspectors. If something substantial was missed in the construction of the tiny home built by a NOAH Manufacturer Member, InterNACHI will buy back the home, if you wish, for the full price paid within 90 days of the final inspection. *some restrictions apply*

For more information about NOAH, the inspection process, or for a list of NOAH Certified Builders please visit us at Or, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more information and great examples of tiny houses.


Robin Butler

President / CEO


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At last affordable insurance for tiny houses

Apopka, Florida—USA, September 21, 2016

NOAH—The National Organization of Alternative Housing, and Foremost® Insurance Group, a proud member of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, announce affordable insurance available to the Tiny House Industry.

NOAH—The National Organization of Alternative Housing is honored to announce Foremost® Insurance Group will accept NOAH Certified Tiny Houses.  Affordable insurance to owners of tiny houses will be accomplished utilizing the existing comprehensive Foremost® Travel Trailer Program.  They will accept (RVIA) Recreational Vehicle Industry Association and NOAH Certified Tiny Houses ONLY.  Foremost® will accept applications for personal-use Tiny Houses built on a foundation or on wheels.  Agents will have binding authority to $150,000.00 on new Tiny Houses.

To apply for Tiny House insurance, contact your local

Foremost® agent.

Florida Foremost Agent:  We Insure Apopka - Dexter Chase

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