Remote home inspection and certification
for alternative housing


Remote home inspection solutions
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Home Inspection done right

Each NOAH RDI Certified Structure meets safety, structural, and energy efficiency standards.

NOAH RDI Home Inspection and Certification provides the opportunity to build with integrity, and access a digitized home inspection for future use.


What Others Are Saying

Rob Pomazi

We decided yesterday to start a website chronicling our tiny house build and also what we are doing to make our THOW more accessible since I am disabled and need a walker to walk. My wife Leesa has been visualizing this for several years and we are now building that dream. I would love to include a link to NOAH on our website if that is ok. You guys have been great on inspections and assuring that we are doing our build the right way and the safe way.

Michael Green

I’m an owner of Maverick Tiny Homes based in Ohio. We have worked with NOAH for over a year and would highly recommend using their Certification services. They inspect to all National Building, Plumbing, Electric, and RV codes; which helps with zoning, insurance, and even financing your tiny home! They are great people with great customer service!

Kevin McHugh

Having worked with NOAH for a while now, we are pleasantly surprised by the level of service provided. They are consistent in their communication, available when you need them, and at relatively short notice. It’s clear that they care about the quality of the homes that they are inspecting, and are willing to discuss aspects of the build to get to a safe, well built tiny home. The inspectors are knowledgeable and friendly and a pleasure to deal with. Would recommend to other tiny house builders and definitely a very good idea for the first time builder.

Jessica Tinker

Oregon is trying to write a standard or ordinance for tiny homes and NOAH can do DIYers where other certification companies do not.

Photo of NOAH Remote Inspections
  • Accessibility to Insurance
  • Covering Your Building Standard Concerns
  • Relieve Anxiety about Household Dangers
  • Never Wait for Inspection Results
  • Access to Video and Images from Anywhere
  • Direct Access to Inspectors
  • Achieve Higher Quality Homes
  • Promote Freedom to Live Safe and Affordably
  • Inspire Creativity and Peace of Mind

See how a NOAH RDI Home Inspection fits your needs

Our memberships accommodate: builders, owner builders, manufacturers, educational


Mobile Device

Session key opens the app on the builder's smart device to begin the inspection at the site.

Server & Cloud

Video and Audio are streamed to our server and Inspector simultaneously while being backed up on our secure cloud.


The Inspector guides the Builder through the Inspection in real time.