From the Desk #5

From the Desk #5


As CEO and President of NOAH, I am often asked a wide variety of questions pertaining to the Tiny House Movement. These questions range from why Tiny Houses exist, and why should Tiny Houses continue to exist all the way to Egress windows and what their purpose is in a Tiny House plan.

All in an effort to grow the Tiny House community, its freedom to live, and its right to safety – I am here to offer my personal opinion.

NOAH stands to promote the Tiny House community with consistently evolving ideas on how to obtain Safety and Freedom while living the Tiny House life – and building it to that standard.

And the Question remains.

How can I Benefit from the Tiny House Movement?

  1. Freedom to Move, Freedom to Live

Who here likes to be tied down and told where to live and how to live?

With a Tiny House, your wheels provide you the option and the freedom to move around as you please – while never really having to leave home behind.

Home by MINT Tiny House Company

Bonus: As the highpoints of Tiny Houses become more and more obvious, some RV parks are responding to Tiny Houses positively. For example, some RV parks are already allowing Tiny Houses in – provided they have an NFPA 1192 Seal.

  1. Clutter Free, Stress Free

Have you heard of the saying Less is More?

While many other people are purchasing countless items for their traditional homes, you may be contemplating on how to make simplicity work for you – thus minimizing the risk of stress-causing clutter.

Bonus: Building adequate storage space for your items is highly beneficial and is very similar to David Allen’s Getting Things Done method. It’s decision-management at its best. And will free up a lot of space in your Tiny House – all while keeping potential clutter out of sight and out of mind.

  1. Peaceful, Adventurous Journey

Do you ever need a little adventure or just a small break from the humdrum life?

Building a Tiny House can lead you to unforgettable discoveries. It’s a chance to experience different cultures, taste new foods, go where you’ve never set foot, and build a newfound relationship with nature itself, among other things.

Bonus: Your new wheels and freedom to live can help you embrace the beauty of this world’s wonders – while your worries fade away.

  1. Financial Freedom, Yes Please

There is something to be said about the pressures of becoming a homeowner. It’s becomes what’s expected of most adults; the norm. But what if it’s just not in the cards for someone? Buying a home can be a stressfully draining process that gets heavily involved into your income and oftentimes leaving individuals in debt.

Going Tiny means just that – going Tiny. And that includes your “financial responsibilities.” Going tiny helps you save money in the long run and providing Financial Freedom as well as the Freedom to Live.

Bonus: It’s OK to be Different; especially when your wallet agrees.

  1. Win-Win Resourcefulness

Learning a new trade such as building your Tiny House can become highly beneficial beyond the benefits of just “living there.” Embracing the Tiny House movement can open up an entirely different world for you.

Bonus: Did you know you can give back to the community by building a much needed Tiny House? There may be families with children who are homeless – and in need of a Tiny House. This is where your newfound trade can benefit others as well. I see a win-win situation here.

  1. Safety in the Palm of your Hands

You have the option to control your safety. And better yet, the safety of others on the road. When you pledge to build to The NOAH Standard, you’re not just saying “I want to build a Tiny House.” You are actually saying, “I care about safety and I’m 

going the extra mile for it.” With insurance companies like Foremost recognizing the importance of a NOAH Seal, your Tiny House will surely stand apart from the crowd.

Bonus: With each inspection stage live streamed and digitized for future accessibility – you have Safety and Reliability on your side.

As I have always said, it’s best to do your homework before beginning your Tiny House on Wheels journey, to ensure your end goals will be reached – every step, or stage along the way.

Stay tuned for my next letter!