2nd Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”

2nd Edition of “NOAH News is Good News”

Welcome to the 2nd edition of “NOAH News is Good News”…

A word from the desk of Robin Butler….

As President & CEO of NOAH Certified I am often asked many questions that pertain to the Tiny House on Wheels (THOW’s) movement.


In an effort to respond to some of these questions I am offering my personal opinion based on the insight that I have come across.


One such relevant question is:  Who certifies what?


This is an effort to clarify exactly who certifies what.  Let’s begin with who certifies compliance with the NOAH (National Organization of Alternative Housing) Standard for Tiny House on Wheels. NOAH has set a standard based on life safety and fire safety codes that are nationally recognized in the RV industry and the construction and energy codes that are nationally recognized in the homebuilding industry.

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Team NOAH is busy preparing for several upcoming Tiny House Events across the country…. We look forward to meeting our NOAH Builders in person so please let us know of any events you will be attending by emailing us at info@noahcertified.org and be sure to stop by our booth!


CONGRATULATION goes out to the students of Western Albermarle High School out of Crozet, Virginia for selling their first Tiny Home!!   Looking forward to seeing the build being done by this year’s students.

Let’s meet NOAH’s Featured Builder of the month…. Alabama Tiny Homes / James Brewer & Team

Alabama Tiny Homes became a NOAH Certified Builder in early 2016 and is very active in the Tiny House arena.   We here at NOAH would like to show our appreciation for all of your support and commitment to quality built tiny homes and your role in the tiny house industry.  We will be sending you a thank you box with some cool stuff!!  Be sure to let us know when you receive it by posting to social media and tagging us.

You can check out Alabama Tiny Homes at www.altinyhomes.com

Upcoming events where you can find Team NOAH:

6/15/18-6/17/18    Tiny Fest California

6/15/18-6/17/18    Tiny Fest Midwest

6/15/18-6/17/18    DC/VA Tiny House Festival

6/16/18-6/17/18    Great American Tiny House Show / Raleigh NC

6/22/18-6/24/18    Colorado Tiny House Festival / Brighton, CO

In need of transporting your tiny home?

NOAH would like to give a warm welcome to EAGLE Hawk Industries LLC a family owned business since 2002 joining Team NOAH as a new associate.  EAGLE Hawk Industries is a specialized trucking company and they can transport your tiny home across the country. Check out their info on the Community section of the NOAH website at noahcertified.org/community.