The 5 Main Reasons People Live Tiny

The 5 Main Reasons People Live Tiny

Written by Isabelle Nagel-Brice of A Tiny Good Thing

The tiny house movement has progressed over the last 15 years or so. However, an increasing number of people are choosing to live in tiny homes for the same reasons as when the movement began.

In the beginning, mostly people were building their own homes. The romanticized idea of reclaiming all of the materials and building a small space as an amateur builder was very intriguing. Building a tiny home to fit your lifestyle and needs exactly, was doable on a smaller scale. Additionally, since tiny homes are on wheels, building standards and permits didn’t apply. 

As professional builders began to join the scene and the popularity grew, building certifications, legal parking spots, and financing became important focuses of the Tiny House Community.

The drive to reduce our living spaces and go Tiny can be separated into 5 main reasons that people choose to live Tiny.

1. Mobility

Having a home on wheels means that the home is not tied to a particular parcel of land. There’s no mortgage, no land taxes, and setting down “roots” can wait until the perfect spot and area of the country is found. Many tiny house dwellers don’t move their homes frequently, although some do. Having the flexibility to move their home once a year or less is very appealing. Even though tiny houses are on wheels, most tiny house people are contributing members in their communities. Some wish they could be more involved, and as the legal issues for where to park shift, that will become more doable. 


2. Downsizing

Reducing belongings and the space to clean and maintain, decreases a level of responsibility. It makes moving easier, and reduces the amount spent on non-essential belongings. Fast-fashion and buying new things seasonally is no longer a focus for most tiny house people. Many tiny house dwellers choose belongings with multiple functions, that they use daily or as frequently as possible, and therefore are choosing wisely how they fill their limited storage spaces. 

3. Finances

Living in a tiny house means no mortgage. Maintaining a tiny home means that repairs cost less, rent for a space is typically less than renting a room in a big house with roommates, and less storage space equals less belongings. Most people who live in tiny houses also like to buy second hand. The cost of the tiny house is a small chunk up front, but after about 5 years, someone living in a tiny house can begin to save considerably more than ever before. Or, people choose to work less when the cost of living is much lower, and they are able to spend more time with their children and friends.

 4. Nature

Tiny houses are small. Not having much interior space to move around encourages people living in tiny houses to expand outside. Spending more time in nature is not only healthy for our bodies, but aligns well with the tiny house movement. When saving on cost-of-living, that creates more expendable income for outdoor activities, belonging to a gym, or whatever else you’re passionate about.


5. Community

Living in a tiny house automatically makes you a member of the Tiny House Community. Having less belongings, a lower cost-of-living, and less space creates the opportunity to spend more time with friends a family. It also helps you get outside and meeting new people. There’s also the option of living in a tiny house community, where your neighbors become your friends because they live and understand the lifestyle. 

Do these reasons for going Tiny inspire you? We think that this lifestyle is a wonderful option for all different types of people, ages, and economic standing.

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