Ways to Secure Your Tiny House on Wheels

Ways to Secure Your Tiny House on Wheels

In 2018 & 2019, there were several Tiny Houses stolen from their locations. Most all were recovered, thank goodness.  Owning a Tiny Home on Wheels presents a whole new scenario when thinking about home security.  Parking a tiny house in a city is a lot different than being tucked away in a back yard or off the beaten path. In a city, security needs to be taken more seriously because it’s not just the contents you want to protect, but your entire Tiny House on wheels! Don’t let this scare you, just take the proper precautions to protect your investment.

Below are some popular ways to secure your Tiny House, whether on wheels or not.

Make it Immovable – Put your Tiny House up on blocks

Take the wheels off if you are planning to be in that spot for a while. Making the home immovable is a great deterrent & a sure way to prevent them from moving the home quickly. You could also block the wheels by placing concrete blocks in front and/or behind the tires.

Tiny House With Signs

Lock It Up

There are many products designed for locking up your trailer. You can run a heavy-duty chain through the wheels. There are wheel locks that resemble the boots that towing company’s use. There are hitch locks that prevent the trailer from being attached to a tow vehicle. There are several products out there, so do your research to make sure you get the best one for you when considering your options. Both wheel locks and hitch locks are relatively low-tech.  

GPS Tracker

In the event that your house is stolen, a GPS tracker is one of the few devices that can help get it back. Much like your phone, a GPS tracker uploads its location so that you always know where your house is at. The trick is hiding this device so it’s not seen—this way the thief cannot find it and disable it. GPS Trackers range in price with most requiring a monthly service fee.

Tiny House Security Systems

A security system with loud alarms that would also be able to call the police on your behalf is another smart way to protect your tiny home. Today there are pretty cool and affordable systems that would work really well in a tiny house.

Door and Window locks

The good thing about doors and windows on tiny houses is that they are better quality than RVs and even mobile homes. This makes breaking in a tougher task right from the beginning. Securing your door with a good door lock is essential to tiny house security. Deadbolt, bump-proof locks are a must have for your tiny home. Just make sure that you don’t install anything that would hinder you from getting out of the house quickly in case of an emergency.

I thought this was pretty clever.  I came across a couple that bolted Plexiglas to their front door, so if the burglar broke the window, they still wouldn’t get in. 

Locked Window

Keyless Door Entry

Keyless locks are a very convenient alternative to conventional locks and also, affordable. These systems may use a keypad, smart technology, or fingerprints. A few reasons people go with this option is you might like to have a system that can’t be picked like a traditional key-locking system. Also, not fumbling for keys in the dark is a plus and it’s easy to change the code if you feel the need to do so. 

Security Cameras

Another techy solution is to install internet security cameras near your tiny house to record any (attempted) thefts or criminal activity. A doorbell video system is an affordable option, but there are great options with security cameras deliver that can footage directly to your smart phone or laptop, so you can keep an eye on your home wherever you are. 

Install Motion Sensor Floodlights around the Tiny House

A light suddenly coming on right above a thief’s head is a great deterrent to burglary. When considering this option, you’ll want to think about the design, brightness, light range, and reactiveness. Off-grid living? There’s also solar options. You can easily place the panel on the roof and have the light mounted in a shadier area on the side of the house

Sign, Sign, everywhere a SIGN!

The thief doesn’t necessarily need to know there is no dog to beware of, nor are they really on camera, but this certainly enters their mind when seeing the signs. You might think scaring off thieves with a fake sign might be silly, but if you’re low on funds, this might be a great start to securing your Tiny Home on Wheels!

Alarm Warning Sign

All home owners are concerned with keeping their house and its contents safe. A tiny home has its own unique challenges to consider. Thankfully, there are many affordable options out there, and with today’s technology, you can decrease the possibility of your tiny home being stolen or broken into.