Seven Tiny House Tips to Inspire Joy in Your Small Space

Seven Tiny House Tips to Inspire Joy in Your Small Space

Blame it on the pandemic or the increase in mental health awareness and skyrocketing depression rates in our country, the idea of sparking joy is one that is not only on trend but at the forefront of conversations in nearly every industry as well as dinner tables across our country. So here are some Tiny House Tips about bringing joy into our own space.

Personalize Your Front Door

Something simple like updated modern house numbers or a monogrammed seasonal wreath for your front entryway can add a sense of ownership to your space. Having permanency can bring joy instead of the alternative feeling of renting somewhere that may not be long term.


Clean interior of Tiny House Tips.

While tiny house or small space living may not be for everyone, simplified living should be. Recent studies are supporting the idea that clutter can actually cause or worsen anxiety. This means the simple process of throwing out clothes you no longer wear, food that is expired, and toys your kids no longer play with can actually benefit your health.

Get Outside...In

Incorporating the use of plants indoors not only increases the natural flow of oxygen--proven to increase mood--but it also adds a pop of color to an otherwise drab space. You can achieve this nature-inspired theme with simple additions like succulents or fresh flowers, or even go bigger by using natural building materials such as stone or hard woods.

Natural light is an active mood booster and can also do wonders for opening up and brightening up small or dark places. The more open windows, large doors, and open blinds you can incorporate into your home, the better for getting your vitamin D and enjoying the mental health boost.

The Small Stuff

While it is important to rid yourself of things that no longer add value to your life--clothes that are too small or books you’ve already read--keeping the small, intricate details are a must. If you have a sentimental attachment to an item you’ve been given, display it. You will feel more happiness and joy when you have those little details out for you to enjoy each day then if they are tucked in a closet or drawer.

Make Your Outdoor Space Magical

Outdoor fire pit Tiny House Tips.

There is so much to be said for the benefits of nature on a person’s mental health and wellbeing. Creating a space, no matter the size, that is outdoors can bring hours of happiness. Whether you are more introverted and choose adding a hammock for reading on your back deck, or you are a natural hostess who might benefit from the addition of a barbeque or outdoor fire pit for having friends over, these small additions can mean big return for your happiness.

Focus on Health

It is proven that people will naturally gravitate to what is most readily available. For this reason, we can benefit most from eating healthy foods when the brightly colored fruits are out and ready to eat in a basket or bowl in a general location like a kitchen island. Likewise, having refrigerated health-filled treats like a veggie tray full of sliced peppers, carrots, broccoli, and cucumbers is a great item to have stored in a clear container, eye-level in your fridge so it is the first place you look.

Make Memories and Moments

For the typical Type A personality this single item can feel challenging at first but be a total game-changer in the long run. Allowing ourselves to put down our phones, unplug, and recharge our internal batteries surrounded by those we love can be priceless. Whether you enjoy a quiet glass of wine and a book, hosting a large gathering, or just watching a movie with family, make the time to live in the moment and worry more about making memories than posting to Instagram.

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